Why Should Start Walking Every Day and See What happens

Why Should Start Walking Every Day & See What Happens To Your Body

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Why Should Start Walking Every Day  ? Have you ever thought of going for a walk every day? It does quite a bit of good for you. From burning fat and boosting your metabolism to building stronger leg muscles, we’re talking all that AND more.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Releases Tension – 00:20
2. Burns Fat- 01:10
3. Boosts Metabolism – 02:26
4. Strengthens Leg Muscles – 03:09
5. Improves Sleep – 04:09
6. Enhances Mood – 04:58
7. Improves Digestion – 06:07


1. Release Tension
Every person with a ‘9 to 5’ knows what it feels like to be under stress. The body adapts to sitting a particular way. This gradually builds muscle tension. Especially if you’re not stretching to relieve yourself.

2. Burns Fat
Going for a walk is a very effective method of burning fat. This is mainly because when you walk, your body uses energy and burns calories that are present in your body. This in turn helps to burn the extra fat.

3. Boosts Metabolism
Yes, you heard that right. Walking can boost metabolism. Your metabolism is your body’s ability to convert your food into energy. It uses this energy as fuel to perform activities. When your body needs more energy, it needs to burn more calories and with that, more fat.

4. Strengthens Leg Muscles
The strength of your lower body is very important. It enables you to maintain a better center of gravity, which improves your body balance. Walking is one of the easiest ways to make your leg muscles strong.

5. Improves Sleep
We have already spoken about how walking helps burn fat. When you are spending a lot of energy, you are bound to get tired. When your body is tired, the brain sends signals that it needs to be rested.

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Hey there workout freaks walking has a Lot of benefits people who have Cardiovascular problems are advised to Walk regularly have you ever thought of Going for a walk every day it does quite A bit of good for you from burning fat And boosting your metabolism to building Stronger legs we’re talking all that and More Number one releases tension Every person with a nine to five knows What it feels like to be under stress The body adapts to sitting a particular Way this gradually builds muscle tension Especially if you’re not stretching to Relieve yourself walking every day Releases the tension in your muscles Just make sure you’re doing it in a safe And comfortable place going for a walk In a busy downtown area is annoying and Loud not to mention it’s downright Dangerous there’ll be a lot of noise and Air pollution these things can affect Your body in a negative way so we would Suggest that you try walking in a park Speaking of which check out our video Seven popular places in the world with Natural healing capabilities it’ll help You understand the benefits of Connecting to Nature moving on Number two burns fat Going for a walk is a very effective Method of burning fat this is mainly Because when you walk your body uses

Energy and burns calories that are Present in your body this in turn helps To burn the extra fat if you’ve been Trying to get rid of fat for a while you Know it’s not an easy task especially if You consume a lot of calories this is Why light exercises like walking help a Lot Walking is specifically useful for People who don’t have the time to work Out just remember if you really want to Burn fat you have to walk at a faster Rate this will put pressure on your Muscles thereby causing your body to Burn more calories The more calories you burn the easier It’ll become for your body to burn fat The more fat you burn the closer you are To getting fit just make sure you don’t Exhaust yourself the idea is to lose fat Not energy along with burning fat it Also helps in another way Number three boosts your metabolism Yeah you heard that right walking can Boost the metabolism your metabolism is Your body’s ability to convert food into Energy it uses this energy as a fuel to Perform activities when your body needs More energy it needs to burn more Calories and with that more fat this is When your body feels the need to boost The metabolism so what do you do a Boosted metabolism enables your body to Perform tasks more efficiently as you

Become more energetic a good metabolism Helps cleanse the body of free radicals And toxins more importantly it boosts The immunity of your body while also Helping to improve your mood considering That depression has become a major Health concern a boosted metabolism will Do you good it will also help patients Who have hypertension how well a healthy Metabolism also improves your blood Circulation speaking of which you can Also watch our video on food you need to Eat in order to lower your blood Pressure let’s move on shall we Number four strengthens leg muscles The strength of your lower body is very Important it enables you to maintain a Better center of gravity which improves Your body’s balance walking is one of The easiest ways to make your leg Muscles strong when you walk your leg Muscles are bound to move as a result it Builds strength and flexibility Especially your hamstrings and calves This is why if you get used to walking In tougher terrain it would be very Useful for your body the more you Challenge it the more it’s forced to Adapt to the changes just know that your Body has a limit yes it can adapt but Putting too much pressure is dangerous For your body so naturally we don’t Recommend it as far as tougher terrain Is concerned you can try walking on

Mountains but make sure that you have Some supplies with you and make sure That you’re getting enough rest during The Trek once again don’t over exert Yourself you want stronger legs not Tired ones speaking of tired here’s Something else walking does Number five improve sleep If you get tired you’ll find it easier To fall asleep allow me to elaborate We’ve already spoken about how walking Helps burn fat when you’re spending a Lot of energy you’re bound to get tired When your body’s tired the brain sends Signals that it needs to be rested this Is when the sleep inducing hormone Melatonin is released in your brain Melatonin creates an urge in your brain To fall asleep this is why you easily Feel sleepy you can try this out by Taking a walk before going to bed it’ll Make you feel exhausted after waking up You’ll feel rejuvenated this is why you Should take breaks in the middle of your Track walking is also a good way to Improve your sleep so if you’re watching This and have insomnia maybe it’s time To put on your walking shoes and go out For a stroll Number six enhance his mood Your mood may not be as predictable as You think we sometimes experience mood Swings in many cases it could lead to a Period of depression well don’t worry

There’s a simple solution for this you Just need to go out for a walk there Have been many speculations about the Link between mood and physical exercise Why well because walking releases Endorphins these components help us stay Calm more importantly it stimulates your Brain and improves your mood with a Better mood you’d be able to go through Your regular day with more enthusiasm Another important thing is the Positivity it brings to you when you’re Feeling positive it’ll reflect through Your mentality as well as your physical Health so the next time you feel bad About yourself head out for a walk You’ll return feeling better well that’s The effect of the Endorphin that’s Naturally present in your brain before We continue we’d like to suggest you Watch our video eight exercises that Help fight depression and make you feel Happy if you’re going through depression Or know someone who is in this video is For you make sure that you check it out Alright enough of that Number seven improves digestion Due to our excessive consumption of oily Fast food indigestion has become a Common problem there’s no way you Haven’t experienced it at one point or Another I know I have Indigestion isn’t something we like to Think back on if not treated or taken

Care of it can lead to major problems Including infections and inflammation in Your stomach keep in mind we aren’t Trying to scare you we’re just giving You the facts Don’t take that risk try taking a five Minute walk after a meal walking Requires energy and energy comes from Burning the food that’s been consumed This could help speed up the digestion Process apart from that it’ll also boost Your hunger in the long run this could Prevent problems like a loss of appetite There you go another reason to walk Every day do you walk every day would You consider it after watching this Video let us know in the comments we’d Love to hear from you Enjoyed this video hit like share and Subscribe to bestie Wait what kind of bestie would we be if We didn’t tell you about our other Awesome videos go ahead choose the left Or right video and enjoy

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