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Unlocking the Power of Cat’s Claw: A Natural Remedy for Women’s Health

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In this video, the benefits of cat’s claw, a medicinal plant native to South America, are discussed.

Cat’s claw has anti-inflammatory, diuretic, antioxidant, and immunostimulant properties, and it is used to treat various conditions such as candidiasis, gonorrhea, and asthma.

Combining cat’s claw tea with yellow uxi tea can potentially increase their benefits, especially for women’s health, including improving uterine health and increasing the chances of pregnancy.

The video also includes instructions on how to make cat’s claw tea and a reminder that gynecological follow-up is essential, and pregnant or nursing women should consult a doctor before consuming cat’s claw tea.


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Do you know cat's claw? Nope. I'm not talking about a feline, but the plant
that has this name. It grows as a woody vine and resembles the
claws of a cat. Have you ever heard about it? Cat's claw is a medicinal plant whose scientific
name is Uncaria tomentosa. Its use comes from the ancient tradition of
indigenous people from South America. Did you know that? Cat's claw has medicinal properties that increase
immunity and are anti-inflammatory. The plant has diuretic, antioxidant, immunostimulant,
and depurative properties. Cat's claw is used to treat candidiasis, gonorrhea,
myomas, polycystic ovaries, hemorrhages, rhinitis, Asthma, and cold symptoms. It also regulates blood pressure and menstrual
periods, improves immunity, and cleanses the Uterus. Oh, we also talked about the benefits of yellow
uxi here on the channel. Did you watch it? If you still don't know this plant, make sure
to watch the video being suggested to you. In that video, we said that it is interesting
to combine yellow uxi tea and cat's claw tea To potentialize their immunostimulant and
anti-inflammatory properties, drinking them At different moments of the day. So, we decided to talk about the benefits
of cat's claw here too. And did you know that the combination of these
two teas also helps with infertility? Infertility happens for several reasons, both
in women and men. Enjoying the video? Then, give it a like and share it with your
friends! You can also contribute to the channel through
the Thanks button. Don't forget to subscribe to be notified of
any new videos! So, the characteristics of Yellow Uxi and
Cat's Claw, when combined, take care of uterine Health, increasing the chances of pregnancy,
if that's what you want. Now, let's see how to make cat's claw tea
and learn how to use both herbs together to Improve women's health! To make cat's claw tea, you will need 0.7
ounces of cat's claw bark and roots and 34 Ounces of water. Boil both ingredients for 15 minutes, then
remove from heat and let it sit covered for

10 minutes. Strain and drink. It is recommended to drink cat's claw tea
from 8 to 8 hours, in between meals. If you are a woman and have any of these issues,
try combining cat's claw and yellow uxi teas For 3 to 4 months or until your uterine problems
are solved. Remember that a gynecological follow-up is
essential to take care of your health. Pregnant or nursing women should not drink
this tea before talking to a doctor. People allergic to the plant or those with
autoimmune diseases, Such as multiple sclerosis, or ulcers should
not drink cat's claw tea without medical orientation. When consumed in excess, it can cause diarrhea,
nausea, constipation, and even have a contraceptive Effect.

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