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"With Choose to Lose, failure is not an option."

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weight loss, overweight obesity
Barbara M
lost 81 pounds and now wears an 8 petite dress
"Choose to Lose is not about losing weight, it's about living healthy and eating a healthy low fat, high fiber diet and lowering cholesterol. . . I am now a much happier, healthier person, thanks to Choose to Lose. I am finally in control of my life and I FEEL GREAT!!"

weight loss, overweight

Galen S.
lost 85 pounds and 15" from his waist in 7 months.
" I weighed 298 pounds and was beginning to think losing weight was hopeless. Then I began Choose to Lose and in 7 months I lost 85 pounds and am still losing. I have never been hungry in all that time. The quality of my life has improved beyond my expectations."

diet, lose weight

weight loss
Barbara LaS
lost 85 pounds and has kept it off over 9 years!
"I have tried so many diets, but yours made so much sense and seemed to be so healthy. It was something I could follow and, better yet, it is a way of eating that I could continue for the rest of my life so I can keep the weight off. I feel terrific."


Jean B.
lost 150 pounds and lost 44" from her waist.
"Your Choose to Lose book made losing weight simple but most of all it has been great fun. I have managed to lose about 150 lbs and am having no problem keeping it off. As a matter of fact, sometimes I have to work at keeping it on."

For more information about the Choose to Lose book and how you can get it, please click here. For more information about the Choose to Lose Kit, please click here.
If you have had success following Choose to Lose and would like to be featured on this page, please send before and after photos with your success story. We look forward to hearing from you.

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