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Popular Diet Recipes

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Popular Diet Recipes

If you’re on a diet, you probably want to find meals that are easy to prepare and taste great. Luckily, there are a lot of diet recipes out there that you can try and enjoy.

These recipes are based on the Mediterranean diet and include plenty of fresh vegetables, olives and herbs. They’re also super quick to make.

Cozy Peach Kitchen

Cozy Peach Kitchen is a plant-based food and nutrition blog that features easy vegetarian recipes for any occasion. It’s run by a registered dietitian who’s got a knack for creating recipes that are both tasty and healthy. She also shares evidence-based nutrition information. And the best part is that she’s a Southern girl, so she combines both her love for the state with her passion for cooking to create recipes that are sure to please.

Emily Bites

Emily Bites is a popular diet blog that focuses on creating tasty recipes that are lightened up and don’t compromise on flavor. All of her recipes are perfectly integrated with the Weight Watchers PersonalPoints system so you’ll be able to enjoy your favorites without sacrificing anything. She’s also dedicated to creating recipes that are easy to prepare, making her a go-to resource for anyone looking to lose weight in a healthy and delicious way. Plus, she offers helpful tips and information about the new PersonalPoints system. You can learn more about her blog and all of the delicious recipes she has to offer here.

Whitney E. RD

As a dietitian and certified personal trainer, Whitney E. RD is a name to keep in mind for high-quality, science-backed nutrition and fitness advice. She’s got a decade of experience reporting on all things health and fitness and her site and YouTube channel provide easily digestible information on popular diet topics. The website has a particularly strong emphasis on plant-based nutrition, with a free 7-Day Predominantly Plant-Based Diet Plan available to readers.

She also has a well-rounded education, completing her degree in food science and nutrition at Clemson University and earning a master’s in clinical nutrition at Emory University. She currently works as an oncology dietitian at Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University Hospital Midtown. Her blog is a must-read for anyone seeking to improve their health and happiness. She’s also the co-creator of Plant-Based Juniors, a social media platform dedicated to helping parents raise their kids on plant-based diets. She also has a number of other tidbits to share.

Cookie and Kate

Cookie and Kate is a popular vegetarian blog that features healthy, plant-based recipes. Its creator, Kathryne Taylor, developed and photographs every recipe on the site, which she started in 2010 and now runs full-time.

Loyal readers flock to the blog each month for her approachable recipes, vibrant food photography and friendly encouragement. Originally from Oklahoma, she now lives in Kansas City.

Her site offers more than 200 recipes, and you can easily filter them by course, cuisine, diet, occasion, ingredient or season. You can also find recipes that suit special diets, including dairy free, egg free, gluten free, nut free, soy free and sugar free.

You can even cook along with Kate via voice guidance, and she provides beautiful, colorful food photos that show you how each dish is made. This app also lets you save and print recipes. It’s a great way to stay on track and get more creative in the kitchen!


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Healthy Hacks

If you’re in a rush to get your healthy eating routine in order, you may be looking for quick meal substitutes or easy additions that help your body and taste buds stay happy. Then you’ve come to the right place!

Whether you’re working from home, juggling kids or a busy schedule, preparing meals can be time-consuming. But with these simple food prep hacks, you can save yourself both time and money — without sacrificing your health.

This is a simple, yet underrated hack that can make a big difference to your health and productivity. Research has shown that a person who sits all day is more likely to be less productive than someone who takes breaks and moves around a little bit throughout the day. It’s a no-brainer, and it’s so easy to do! So, try it and see how much better you feel! You may be surprised! It’s also a great way to help keep your workday on track and prevent burnout.

Eleat Sports Nutrition

Eleat Sports Nutrition is a science-backed site with everything from anti-inflammatory diets to healthy weight gain tips. Owner and registered sports dietitian Angie Asche is a pro at creating delicious recipes that help you stay on track with your goals. She also offers nutrition advice and workout routines for athletes of all levels. Her most popular recipe is the Gummi Bears, which are made with real fruit puree and a protein-packed whey-based frosting. She also has a number of great savory options like her Smoky Chicken Tenders with Avocado Crema.

Very Well Fit

Very Well Fit is a popular recipe website that is geared towards healthy eating and offers recipes that meet the requirements of many diets. It also features a nutrition calculator that allows you to calculate the nutritional information of any of its recipes. It’s a great tool for those who love to cook and want to learn more about what they’re eating. It also has a variety of search options, the ability to save recipes, and a handy way to compile your grocery shopping list. It also has recipes that are specifically designed for people with certain health conditions, such as heart disease or diabetes.

The Food Hub

The Hub is an aggregation hub that connects local farmers and producers with New Yorkers who want to purchase high-quality, locally produced food. It delivers local products directly to consumers, retailers and schools across the Northeastern United States.

The Food Hub offers a variety of services to small farmers, including quality control, marketing and education. Its goal is to increase access to healthy foods and address health disparities among low-income people and communities of color.

Food hubs are a growing sector, with 131 food hubs nationwide in 2017. They can be producer co-ops, buyers’ co-ops, for-profit businesses or non-profit organizations.

Successful food hubs have strong business plans, a solid financial base, an experienced staff, awareness of their niche in the local food system, partnerships throughout the food system and an understanding of the market. They also need to ensure that their operations comply with food safety regulations and traceability and recall mechanisms.

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