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NYT: A Great American Actor Passed Away / RIP Saving Private Ryan Actor / RIP Tom Sizemore

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Tom Sizemore, an actor known for his work in hit films like “Saving Private Ryan,” “Natural Born Killers” and “Heat,” has died on March 3, his representative Charles Lago confirmed. He was 61.
The actor was hospitalized after suffering a brain aneurysm in mid-February, Lago told CNN at the time.

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Foreign An actor known for his work in hit films Like Saving Private Ryan natural-born Killers and heat has died on March 3. His representative Charles Lago Confirmed He was 61. the actor was hospitalized After suffering a brain aneurysm in Mid-February liveo told CNN at the time Lego continued in the early hours of Saturday February 18 2023 Tom Sizemore Collapsed at his Los Angeles home and Was transported to a hospital by Paramedics He was found to be suffering from a Brain aneurysm that occurred as a result Of a stroke Since that day Tom has remained in Critical condition in a coma and Intensive care Sizemore enjoyed a successful run in Hollywood in the late 1990s to early 2000s starring in Blockbuster films Including Black Hawk Down and Heat Sizemore's career-defining role came in The 1998 Blockbuster Saving Private Ryan In which he played Sergeant Mike Horvath The actor had a history of drug abuse And run-ins with law enforcement Sizemore was convicted of domestic Violence in 2003 against his girlfriend Heidi fliss He was arrested in Los Angeles in 2009 For the suspected battery of a former

Spouse and again in 2011 for the same Offense According to his AMD profile seismol was Still linked to dozens of projects in Production or post-production this year Is final completed Works include an Episode on the upcoming sixth season of The television series Cobra Kai and the 2023 disaster flick Bermuda Island

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