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How to Workout As a Single Mom? 8 Ways For Solo Mom

How to Workout As a Single Mom: 8 Ways to Workout As a Solo Mom

Workout as a single mom is super challenging. You have to handle your job, look after your little ones and manage house chores. Amidst all these activities, many moms give up on their health.

Under such circumstances, how can you work out as a single mom? To help you in this matter, we took excellent tips from solo working moms on staying in shape.

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  4. And much, much more.

 8 Ways to Workout As a Single Mom


You will never find the right time to work out as a single mom. You must fit it into your spare time- be it 10 minutes. For that, you can dedicate a few minutes of the day to doing warm-ups.

According to research, doing warm-ups reduces the risk of musculoskeletal injuries, enhances cardiovascular health, improves blood flow to the muscles, and increases the range of motion.

Some of the warm-ups you can perform include;

  • Brisk walking
  • Jogging
  • Fast-paced side jumps
  • Ascending and descending stairs
  • Squats and lunges

2. Find an Accountability Partner

You always need an accountability partner to succeed in what you do. Be it a workout, diet or anything. For this purpose, various groups are present on Facebook.

If you’re a single mom, you can join a fitness group for solo moms, connect with single working moms and get on a fitness journey.

This way, you will get motivation from different women in the group and be able to live healthily. 

On the other hand, look for single moms in your neighbourhood, be friends with them and follow a fitness plan together.

This way, both of you will be there to keep an eye on each other’s progress and become an inspiration for other solo mothers.

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3. Involve Your Kids

How to Workout As a Single Mom: 8 Ways to Workout As a Solo Mom

Working out with kids is a strenuous task, but you can make it enjoyable by involving your kids. Since kids are active and energetic, they love to spend time with their parents.

You can do crunches and make your little one stand on your feet. This way, both of you will have fun while you work out.

You can also walk your kid to the school and involve them in playground activities. It can be jumping, running or laying football with them in the backyard.

This way, you and your kid will stay physically active. Physical activity is not essential only for the mother but for the kid as well.

Where most kids are involved in using tabs or phones, your will end up leading a healthy lifestyle.

Last but not least, a study shows that sufficient physical activity can help with weight loss and reduce the risk of heart disease.

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4. Early Morning Exercise

Waking up early in the morning will spare you time to work out. That said, early morning workouts give a sense of accomplishment, and your whole day goes well.

You can walk, run or jog in the morning. Running or jogging improves cardiovascular health, helps lose weight, strengthens muscles and keeps you active.

On the other hand, you can give power push-ups a try. Power push-ups are one of the best ways to build strength in the body.

These push-ups work your quadriceps, shoulder and pectoral muscles. If performed in a proper position, they will strengthen your lower back and core muscles as well.

In addition to this, adding strength, cardio and flexibility exercises can also improve your overall health.

A study shows that investing 10 to 15 minutes in the morning exercise can help balance cardio, strength and flexibility in your body.

5. Work On Plan-B

Mothers often can’t stick to their workout routine due to their busy life. Sometimes, their kids fall sick and need to be looked after, while other times, any family gathering pops in.

To ensure such situations don’t affect your exercise routine, you must have plan B as a replacement for plan A. 

For example, if you can’t work out in the morning, do it at night after putting your kids to sleep. 

Going on a long walk after dinner with kids can also be an excellent alternative for plan A. 

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6. No Need to Spend Money On the Gym Membership

In many cases, it’s not about the availability of spare time but the lack of money to join a gym. Instead of making money an excuse, you can work out at home. 

Various fitness apps are offering free working training. As a single mom, you can take training from fitness apps whenever you want.

Regular workout training and a healthy routine will help you stay in good shape.

So, forget about the money and join a fitness app now!

7. Practice Yoga

How to Workout As a Single Mom: 8 Ways to Workout As a Solo Mom

Apart from practising workouts, you can try yoga. You don’t have to spend hours doing yoga. Doing it for 15 minutes can help transform and tone your body.

Other benefits of yoga are improved muscle strength, good mental health, improved respiration, enhanced metabolism and much more.

Some easy poses of yoga you can try include;

  • Downward Dog.
  • Child’s Pose.
  • Mountain Pose.
  • Forward Fold.
  • Plank Pose.

You can try these at home. You will need a mat and a phone to learn these poses from Youtube. If you perform well, you will gain excellent results with time.

8. Do What You Like

As a solo working mom, opting for a healthy routine is challenging. Therefore, don’t look for an opportunity to create a healthy lifestyle.

Instead, turn your shoulds into musts. If you like cycling, go for it. You can arrange a bicycle and ride it in your home’s garden. If not, go for cycling gear.

Similarly, if you love to run, go for a treadmill. This way, you’ll be able to multitask without leaving your home.

While on a treadmill or a bicycle machine, you can simultaneously work out and keep an eye on your little ones.

So, take your time and do what you like the most.


Workout as a single mom is difficult, as it demands time and energy. Handling kids, jobs and house chores drain out your energy, and by the end of the day, you can do nothing but rest.

So, don’t wait for the right time to work out in such a busy routine. Fit in where you feel like it. The best strategy you can follow is to work out in the morning, and the rest of the tips are given in this guide.

Following those tips will help you turn into a fit and healthy mom!

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