How To Lose Weight While Working From Home Easy 10 Steps

How To Lose Weight While Working From Home? 10 Steps for Weight Loss

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How To Lose Weight While Working From Home ?

How To Lose Weight While Working From Home? Sitting the whole day in Pj’s in front of the laptop screen sounds relieving from the daily work-life hustles. But many of us face its major drawback – weight gain.

With the growth freelancing economy, especially after the pandemic, companies are also keeping their full-time employees at the ease of working from home.

This spares them some time to prepare healthy food and practice taking care of their physique. A nutritional diet, daily exercise, and a good amount of sleep are key to losing weight while not compromising on work.  

Furthermore, here are some tips on how to lose weight while working from home that may help keep you fit and mindful. 

How To Lose Weight While Working From Home (20 Pounds)? – Well, First, You Need Motivation

Do Activities You Enjoy

We know that physical activity is the direct way to stay fit. But It is beneficial if you are not taking it as a burden.

Exercise shouldn’t feel like a heavy vehicle you must drive to cross a bumpy road. It should make you feel like your time has been spent well. 

Find the physical activity that you like to do the most, such as most people like to do Zumba. It is better than doing an activity that feels as if imposed on you. 

Workout When Your Energy Is High 

Whether you are an early bird, a night owl or the afternoons keep you up, set a time for exercise any time of the day when you feel most energetic.

Some people prefer yoga after work, and some do it before starting it. After finding which exercise you like to do the most, setting a suitable pattern for it is your next task. 

Move Whenever You Get A Chance

Sitting all day long can be unhealthy and the major reason for weight gain. People not only get obese, but they also face backache, neck pain, and restlessness.

To cope with that, you better take tiny breaks to keep moving. Such as, do not sit with a water bottler near. Instead, go and fill yourself with a glass of water from the kitchen. Go and feed your dog, empty your bin, etc. 

15 Minutes Of Fitness Break

Take a straight 15 minutes fitness break from work, leaving your workstation for a while. Create an exercise space or corner anywhere in your home and do work out there. This is a great way of reviving energy and boosting metabolism.

Set the break spot in your living room, basement, porch, or anywhere, but it should not be near your work desk. Staying away from your desk will allow a mindful exercise away from anxiety. 

For the sake of staying active, 60% of maximum heart rate exercise works well. You can also do push ups, core routines, calisthenics, or squats. Or you can simply do weight lifting if you have weights. 

How To Lose Weight While Working From Home ( 10 Pounds) ?

Losing kg when a load of work is lined up for you seems difficult? Start with less! Here’s how to lose weight while working from home (10 Pounds). 

By Physical Activities

While doing work from home, one cannot necessarily go to the gym. But they can escape a few minutes for a walk to a nearby park, do some pushups, stretch, or do possible work out at home. Physical activities not only help losing weight, but they also don’t let you procrastinate. 

Mindful Eating At The Right Time 

Work pressure can be ugly to the extent that a workaholic may skip meals or eat during odd hours. Bless your stomach by taking meals at the right time, such as dinner before 8 pm.

When your digestion process is smooth, your metabolism goes good; ultimately, body weight goes toward a healthier scale. 

Making Cardio A Habit

Spend more time doing cardio. Aerobic exercises keep people away from gaining weight. It helps reduce the circumference of the waist, lowers body fat, and raises muscle mass.

Keep your target to burn calories that would have been burnt while walking down the pavement, stepping up the subway stairs, and walking during a tea break at the office. Which you obviously can’t do at home. But you can do cardio, of course!  

Taking A Sound Sleep 

Weight loss is achieved with nutrition and exercise. Do you know what the third element is in staying fit? A sound sleep! Sleep can alter our metabolism.

And when we have to chase targets keeping our fitness in mind, we make this major mistake of getting sleep deprived.

Try taking quality sleep at the right time so that your metabolism remains in favor of what you are trying to achieve. And that is no more weight gain! 

How To Eat Healthy While Working From Home?

Drink Plenty Of Water

Drinking a good amount of water is the key to keeping your metabolism healthy. You can add mint, lemon, or ingredients from your kitchen to make detox water, a proven recipe for weight loss and a boost of energy.

An adult should drink a minimum of 2 liters of water in a day which you must drink in between the meals, not during the meals. 

A Seedful Diet Is A Healthy One!

Add nuts to your diet and let these tiny creatures act as antioxidants in your body. They are a great source of minerals, vitamins, and essential amino acids, which cut off hunger and at the same time give a boost to energy.

You should eat almonds, walnuts, pumpkin seeds, flaxseed, etc. Taking these as your snack will be super helpful for weight loss. How To Lose Weight While Working From Home

Don’t Forget Eating Veggies.

Vegetables are rich in fiber,  act as antioxidants, and are easily digestible. Add seasonal vegetables and fruits to your diet to keep your digestive system healthy and cut off the need to eat junk food.

As they keep full for longer, you don’t feel the need to consume snacks. Fruit and Vegetable salads are super easy and healthy to survive a hectic day in the long run. 

No Sugar, Alcohol, And Fatty Food 

Sugar, Alcohol, and fatty food are your enemies in the way of losing weight. Stay away from fast food, soft drinks, and fried snacks. There should be no compromise in having a balanced diet with high nutritional value. 

Eat-In Peace!

Rushing for a meal keeping the work follow-ups in mind is a bad idea if you want to stay fit. This will only cause bloating and indigestion.

Instead, take short lunch, dinner, and tea breaks and eat in peace. You should also try filling your fridge with nutritional snacks to save your time during rush hour. 


Where working from home feels like ease, it is quite challenging at the same time. If you are health conscious and not finding the motivation to practice a healthy lifestyle, follow the section on how to lose weight while working from home (20 pounds).

Along with that, follow the prior mentioned tips on how to eat healthy while working from home to help you set a nutritional diet plan. 

In addition, using trackers to maintain a healthy calorie count, taking 1:1 protein to carb ratio snacks, and regular exercise are other ways to practice a healthy lifestyle.  

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