The Eater's Choice® Cholesterol-Lowering Program

cholesterol lowering

Give your patients

  • Hands-on, skill-building, practical experience
  • Simple and quantitative method
  • Scientifically sound and proven effective approach that lowers cholesterol levels up to 33%

The Eater's Choice Cholesterol-Lowering Program is an easy-to-understand five-session small group counseling program designed for use in hospitals, cardiac rehab programs, physician's offices, HMO's, worksites, etc. This interactive Program gives patients the skills to take control of their diet to lower cholesterol and risk of heart disease.

Alternatively, your patients can use the materials to teach themselves in the comfort of their own home and at their own pace. Based on the best-selling Eater's Choice book, the Program provides practical and fun activities to help patients master the skills needed to achieve maximum cholesterol-lowering. They don't just read, they DO.

The Choose to Lose Weight Loss/Healthy Eating Program is also an effective cholesterol-lowering program.
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