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Famous American Who Died Last Few Days 2023 / Celebrities Who Died in 2023 / Notable Deaths

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In this video, we pay tribute to famous celebrities and notable individuals who have passed away in recent days. Famous American Who Died Last Few Days 2023.

Actors Who Died Today “List”

Wayne Shorter,
Steve Mackey,
Irma Serrano,
Ricou Browning,
Linda Kasabian,
Bob Richards,
Walter Mirisch,
Gordon Pinsent,
Burny Mattinson

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1. Wayne Shorter, Age: 89 Wayne Shorter, the enigmatic, intrepid saxophonist
who shaped the color and contour of modern Jazz as one of its most intensely admired
composers, died on March 2 in Los Angeles. He was 89. No cause of death was shared. Shorter was nominated for 23 Grammy Awards
during his career and won 12 times. His first Grammy nomination was in 1973. His most recent win was in January for best
improvised jazz solo performance for “Endangered Species.” Shorter began playing the clarinet at age
16 but later turned his focus to the tenor Sax before entering New York University in
1952. Throughout the late ’50s and into the ‘60s,
Shorter joined various jazz groups and collaborated With artists such as Maynard Ferguson, Joe
Zawinul and Art Blakey. 2. Steve Mackey, Age: 56 Steve Mackey, the bass guitarist for Pulp
during the band’s most successful years, Has died on March 2 aged 56. His wife, stylist Katie Grand, announced the
news on her Instagram page. Mackey passed away after a three-month health
battle in hospital, the band revealed on social Media. Mackey’s cause of death has not yet been
given. The bassist was part of the rock group Pulp,
which he joined in 1989, which was best known For its hits such as Common People, Babies
and Disco 2000. He married stylist and magazine founder, Katie
Grand, in 2009. Mackey also leaves a son, Marley. 3. Irma Serrano, Age: 89 Irma Serrano, the Mexican actor who became
a politician — and was once the girlfriend Of a Mexican president — has died on March
1 at the age of 89. The star suffered a fatal heart attack. Serrano started out as a dancer and a singer
of traditional Mexican “ranchera” music In the 1960s. She had a long-running affair with then-President
Gustavo Díaz Ordaz, who was married and served

As president from 1964 to 1970. She was known for her extravagant makeup and
clothing, and was nicknamed “The Tigress.” 4. Ricou Browning, Age: 93 Ricou Browning, the horror film legend who
starred as the Gill-Man in the 1954 movie “Creature From the Black Lagoon,” died
on February 27. He was 93. Browning died in his home in Florida, of natural
causes, his daughter Kim Browning told the Hollywood Reporter. “He had a fabulous career in the film industry,
providing wonderful entertainment for past And future generations,” she said. Browning was a film industry veteran, having
worked on some of the most famous films ever. In addition to his work as a stuntman and
director, he was renowned for his underwater Filming expertise. He is survived by his four children. 5. Linda Kasabian, Age: 73 Linda Kasabian, a member of the notorious
cult led by Charles Manson that murdered film Star Sharon Tate in 1969, has died at the
age of 73. Though she died January 21 at a hospital in
Tacoma, Washington, the news only began to Circulate widely this week. Kasabian was the key witness in the Manson
Family trials in 1970 and was granted immunity By prosecutors for her testimony, which led
to the conviction of cult leader Charles Manson And several of his accomplices. 6. Bob Richards, Age: 97 Bob Richards, the only male two-time winner
of the Olympic pole vault, who in the 1950s Became a hero of American Cold War competition
with the Soviet Union and a breakfast-table Hero to millions as the first champion on
the front of the Wheaties box, died on February 26 at his home in Texas. He was 97. Richards competed at the 1948, ’52 and ’56
Olympics in the pole vault. His son, Brandon, wrote in a social media
post that his father “passed in his sleep Peacefully surrounded by loved ones.”

7. Walter Mirisch, Age: 101 The Former president of the Academy of Motion
Pictures Arts and Sciences, Walter Mirisch, The astute and Oscar winning film producer
who oversaw such classics as “Some Like It Hot,” “West Side Story” and “In
the Heat of the Night,” has died on February 24 of natural causes. He was 101. Mirisch received the best picture Academy
Award for 1967′s “In the Heat of the Night,” And the company run by him and his brothers
also produced the best-picture Oscar winners “The Apartment” and “West Side Story.” Mirisch entered the movie business in his
teens, advancing from usher to management Jobs with a theater chain before going on
to production work on low-budget action flicks And Westerns in the late 1940s. 8. Gordon Pinsent, Age: 92 Gordon Pinsent, an award-winning Canadian
actor acclaimed for his performance as a heartbroken Husband in the film “Away From Her,” died
February 25 at 92. His family announced the death, they said
Pinsent died in his sleep. Mr. Pinsent suffered a brain hemorrhage at
home during the night of Friday, Feb. 24 and Died at Toronto General Hospital Saturday. Pinsent worked for decades in radio, television
and movies. With more than 150 film and television acting
credits, Pinsent’s career spanned seven Decades and made him a household name in his
native country. In 2008, he received the Academy of Canadian
Television and Cinema’s Genie Award for Best actor in a leading role for “Away From
Her.” 9. Burny Mattinson, Age: 87 Burny Mattinson, a legend of Walt Disney Animation
and the studio's longest-serving employee, Died on February 27 after a short illness
at age 87. The animator involved in the animation industry
since the early 1950s. He has been the company’s longest-employed
worker, working as a story artist in the Walt Disney Animation studios since 1953. He worked with Disney on evergreen movies
like “The Jungle Book” and “101 Dalmations” And worked for the company as the longest-serving

10. Paul Berg, Age: 96 Paul Berg, a Nobel Prize-winning biochemist
who ushered in the era of genetic engineering In 1971 by successfully combining DNA from
two different organisms, died on February 15 at his home on the Stanford University
campus in California. He was 96. His death was announced by the Stanford School
of Medicine. After his breakthrough with DNA, Dr. Berg
led a momentous convocation of scientists To establish safeguards against the misuse
of genetic research. 11. Jean Faut, Age: 98 Jean Faut was an American starting pitcher
who played from 1946 through 1953 in the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League, died on
February 28 after suffering a long illness. She was 98. Faut was a two-time Player of the Year and
four-time All-Star in the AAGPBL and is the Only professional pitcher to pitch two perfect
games. 12. Greg Foster, Age: 64 Three-time world 110-meter hurdles champion
and 1984 Olympic runner-up Greg Foster has Died on February 28 at age 64, the University
of California at Los Angeles athletic department Announced. The American legend had been battling amyloidosis,
a rare disease in which a protein build up Causes organ damage. The illness led to a 2020 heart transplant. Foster died peacefully on Sunday, a statement
from the school said. 13. Austin Majors, Age: 27 Austin Majors, a former child actor best known
for his role in “NYPD Blue,” died on February 11 in Los Angeles. Major’s death was confirmed by Los Angeles
country Medical Examiner-Coroner. His cause of death was a fatal ingestion of
fentanyl, according to reports. He was 27. His performance on "NYPD Blue" earned him
the Young Artists Award for best performance In a television series, and his work on "Treasure
Planet" earned him a nomination for best performance

In a voiceover role.

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