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Drinking Pomegranate Juice EVERY DAY Will Do THIS To Your Body

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Can it fix your digestion? Does it protect you from Alzheimer’s? Can pomegranate juice actually help prevent cancer? We’re talking all that AND more…

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1. It Fights Against Heart Disease
Pomegranate juice can be a powerful aid for heart patients. If you’ve ever suffered from heart complications, you’d know that it forces you to eliminate many delicious foods. Well we’re happy to say this shrub more than makes up for your troubles.

2. It Reduces Blood Pressure
Did you know that drinking a single cup of pomegranate juice daily for 28 straight days can lower your blood pressure significantly? It’s true. A study was conducted back in 2012, which showed that pomegranate’s antioxidants were responsible for this reduction.

3. It Helps Us Breath
Yeah, that’s right. Another benefit brought to you by antioxidants, pomegranate juice supplies your blood with oxygen. The antioxidants work to battle free radicals and prevent blood clots. This eventually will increase the level of oxygen in your body, helping you get those much-needed breathes of fresh air.

4. It’s Loaded With Nutrients
This is maybe something we could have brought up first, but as you could imagine, pomegranate juice is packed full of delicious nutrients that can improve your health as a whole. A single cup contains 7 grams of fiber and 3 grams of protein.

5. It Improves Arthritis
Pomegranate juice works to reduce damage done to your cartilage. It does this by fighting against the harmful enzymes responsible. As a result, you are at lesser risk of osteoarthritis. There is also reason to believe that pomegranate juice helps fight against osteoporosis.

6. It Can Help Make You A Better Athlete
Pomegranate juice and its many nutrients are said to help athletes in recovery. This occurs when the antioxidants found in its extract work to improve your strength. In one study conducted on athletes who practiced intense workout regimens, researchers found that their elbow and knee extension was better after drinking pomegranate juice than it was after going without.

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Hey there beloved viewers what's your Go-to fruit banana strawberry Kiwi orange if you're tired of those Choices try some pomegranate pomegranate Juice to be specific a member of the Berry family pomegranate grows in both The northern and southern hemispheres Its juice can normally be found at your Local grocery store Still not convinced we may have to go Further in depth to get you guys on Board let's discuss nine ways Pomegranate juice can improve your Health Can it fix your digestion does it Protect you from Alzheimer's can Pomegranate juice actually help prevent Cancer we are talking all that and more Number one It fights against heart disease Pomegranate juice can be a powerful aid For heart patients If you've ever suffered from heart Complications you'd know that it forces You to eliminate many delicious foods Well we're happy to say that this should More than make up for your troubles Pomegranate juice reduces the level of Triglycerides in the body as well as Harmful cholesterol it also improves the Elasticity of your arteries helping your Blood flow regular consumption can also Reduce the thickness of your carotid Artery this assists both heart and

Diabetes patients alike Number two it reduces blood pressure Did you know that drinking a single cup Of pomegranate juice daily for 28 Straight days can lower your blood Pressure significantly it's true A study that was conducted back in 2012 Showed that pomegranate's antioxidants Were responsible for this reduction Pomegranate juice is known to have a Particularly healthy benefit for people Suffering from hypertension another Study concluded that if these patients Drank five ounces of juice every day for A couple of weeks they would start Seeing significant improvements in blood Pressure Number three it helps us breathe Yeah that's right another benefit Brought to you by antioxidants Pomegranate juice supplies your own Blood with oxygen the antioxidants work To battle free radicals and prevent Blood clots This eventually will increase the level Of oxygen in your body helping you to Get those much needed breaths of fresh Air Number four It's loaded with nutrients This may be something we could have Brought up first but as you can imagine Pomegranate juice is packed full of Delicious nutrients that can improve

Your health as a whole a single cup Contains seven grams of fiber and three Grams of protein it's also rich in Vitamins this includes 30 percent of Your daily intake of vitamin C and 36 Percent of your vitamin K Additionally you'll be consuming around 214 milligrams of potassium which is Just about six percent of your daily Intake while its high concentration of Nutrients is definitely a plus make sure You stay around one cup a day just a Single 170 gram serving contains around 144 calories and 24 grams of sugar Number five it improves arthritis Pomegranate juice Works to reduce damage Done to your cartilage it does this by Fighting against the harmful enzymes Responsible as a result you are at a Lesser risk for osteoarthritis There is reason to believe that Pomegranate juice helps fight against Osteoporosis were you aware that in 2011 A study concluded that extract from Pomegranates reduced tension in the Joints of rheumatoid arthritis patients By 62 percent That my friends is massive this is again Due to its antioxidants seriously at This point is there anything that they Can't accomplish before moving on would You like to learn more about nutritional Benefits check out our video on 10 Anti-aging foods that actually work

Are you looking to get in shape why Don't you click our clip for tips on how To get a flat stomach in one month with This workout now let's continue with our List of nine ways pomegranate juice can Improve your health Number six It can help make you a better athlete Pomegranate juice and its many nutrients Are said to help athletes in recovery This occurs when the antioxidants found In its extract work to improve your Strength in one study conducted on Athletes who practice intense workout Regimens researchers found that their Elbow and knee extension was better After drinking pomegranate juice than it Was after going without Another study done on 19 athletes Running on treadmills showed that just a Single gram of pomegranate extract could Enhance blood flow and decrease your Chances of fatigue if you're an athlete Who likes to stay in shape with intense Exercise this is all the more reason to Be drinking pomegranate juice it can Improve your body's performance whatever Your sport may be Number seven it fights against prostate Cancer Hugh heard me correctly prostate cancer Several Studies have shown that steady Consumption of pomegranate juice may Stop the growth of cancer cells in the

Prostate region A 2009 study showed that drinking eight Ounces of juice every day may be able to Slow down the progression of the cancer To be clear this means that the doubling Time of prostate-specific antigen or PSA Had slowed down among the men who Followed this specific drinking routine But as I stated earlier pomegranate Juice is high in calories remember a Single serving alone may contain around 144. So if you happen to be a prostate Patient and are looking to drink more Pomegranate prepare for the possibility Of weight gain Number eight it jogs your memory Now just to be clear we don't mean that A cup of pomegranate will automatically Help you remember where you left your Phone or wallet We're thinking about the bigger picture Here Prostate cancer aside the sacred eight Ounces of pomegranate juice is also Known to apply to Alzheimer's disease The Juice's antioxidants do battle to Protect your memory from being harmed And slow down the progress of Alzheimer's researchers have identified 21 compounds located within pomegranate Extract that can assist in the battle Against this Dreadful disease these Include polyphenols and your lithons

Urolithins in particular are able to Cross the brain blood barrier which is Crucial to alzheimer's prevention Number nine it holds many benefits to Your digestion Pomegranate juice is said to Aid those With crohn's disease its antioxidants Work to reduce inflammation in the gut Pomegranates do so by providing B Complex vitamins which help convert Protein carbs and fat into energy Also don't forget about the seven grams Of fiber found in a single cup which Also assist with your digestion Pomegranate will also work to fight Against enzymes as well as a laxative For constipation Have you ever tried pomegranate juice Would you consider trying it after Hearing about these health benefits let Us know in the comments section we'd Love to hear from you enjoyed this video Hit like share and subscribe to bestie Wait What kind of bestie would we be if we Didn't tell you about our other awesome Videos go ahead choose the left or right Video and enjoy

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