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Celebrity Deaths 2022 / RIP 2022 / Famous Deaths 2022 / Celebrities Who Died in 2022 / Sad News

Hollywood is in mourning in the year over the deaths of celebrities. We remember and pay tribute the actors, singers and other stars we’ve lost in 2022. Before Watching make sure to like and subscribe our channel for any latest video.

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[Music] Sydney portier was a Bahamian and American actor film director and Diplomat has died on January 6 2022 of Heart failure In 1964 he was the first black actor and First Bahamian to win the Academy Award For best actor Bob Saget was an American stand-up Comedian actor and television host has Died on January 9 2022 from head injury He played Danny Tanner on the ABC sitcom Full House and reprized the role for its Netflix sequel Fuller house Ronnie Spector was an American singer Who co-founded and fronted the goal Group The renettes has died on January 12 2022 of cancer She is sometimes referred to as the Original bad girl of rock and roll Meatloaf was an American rock singer and Actor he was noted for his powerful Wide-ranging voice and Theatrical lie Shows he is on the list of best-selling Music artists has died on January 20 2022 He loved by millions for his Bat Out of Hell album and for such theatrical Dark-hearted anthems as Paradise by the Dashboard Light No official cause of death was released Louis Anderson was an American stand-up

Comedian actor author and game show host He known for his award-winning role in Baskets has died on January 21 2022 after being diagnosed with cancer He created the cartoon series Life with Louis and the television sitcom the Louis show Peter Robbins was an American actor he Gained National Fame in the 1960s as Being the first actor to voice Charlie Brown in the peanuts animated specials Has died on January 18 2022 He was one of the most famous child Actors of the 60s the cause of death was Suicide Emilio Delgado was an American actor Best known for his role as ludus the Fix-It shop owner on the children’s Television series Sesame Street has died On March 10 2022 from blood cancer Delgado joined the cast of Sesame Street In 1971 and remained until his contract Was not renewed in 2016. Jamal Edwards was a British music Entrepreneur DJ and founder of the Online R and B hip-hop platform sbtv Died on February 20 2022 from a heart Attack after taking cocaine and drinking Alcohol He was an ambassador for the prince’s Trust a youth charity which helps young People set up their own businesses One of India’s biggest cultural icons And a singer who defined music and

Melody for Generations across South Asia Has died on February 6 2022 of multi-organ failure at the age Of 92. In 1942 at the age of 13 she recorded Her debut song for a Bollywood film She sang more than 5 000 songs in more Than one thousand Bollywood and Regional Language films Tracy Braxton was an American singer a Actress reality TV star and sister of Tony Braxton has died on March 12 2022 after battling cancer She was 50. Gary Brooker the singer and pianist of The early progressive rock group Procol Harum who co-wrote songs including A Whiter Shade of Pale The improbable but overpowering kit During the 1967 Summer of Love Died on February 19 2022 from cancer He was 76. William Hurt was an American actor known For his performances on stage and Screen The oscar-winning star of Kiss of the Spider Woman Broadcast News and children of a Lesser God has died on March 13 2022 from prostate cancer He was 71. Shane Warne was an Australian International cricketer whose career ran From 1991 to 2007. Warne who is considered to be one of the

Greatest cricketers of all time died on March 4 2022 of a suspected heart attack At age 52. W Hall of famous Scott Hall who played Iconic heel Razor Ramon in the 1990s and Helped professional wrestling gain Worldwide attention Died on March 14 2022 from heart attack He was 63. Taylor Hawkins was an American Musician Best known as the drummer of the rock Band Foo Fighters with whom he recorded Eight studio albums between 1999 and 2021 has died on March 25 2022 he was 50. no cause of death was given Gilbert Gottfried was an American Stand-up comedian and actor known for His exaggerated shrill voice strong New York accent and his edgy often Controversial sense of humor has died on April 12 2022 he died of an abnormal heart rhythm Condition Tom Parker a member of the British boy Band The Wanted has died on March 30 2022 from brain cancer at age 33. Parker was one of five endearingly high Energy members of The Wanted who became One of the most popular British boy Bands in a generation Naomi Judd was an American singer and Actress in 1980 she and her daughter Wynonna formed the duo known as The

Judds which became a very successful Country music act winning five Grammy Awards and nine Country Music Association awards has died on April 30 2022 from a self-inflicted gunshot wound June Brown who’ve appeared in thousands Of episodes of the British soap opera EastEnders across 35 years portraying Doc cotton one of the more memorable Residents of the fictional Albert Square Died on April 3 2022 she was 95. a cause Of death was not provided Ray Liotta was an American actor He was best known for his roles as short As Joe Jackson in Field of Dreams and Henry Hill in Martin scorsese’s Goodfellas And the titular cocaine bear in cocaine Bear has died on May 26 2022 in his Sleep Dennis Waterman was an English actor and Singer he was best known for his tough Guy leading roles in television series Including the Sweeney minder and New Tricks singing the theme tunes of the Latter two has died on May 8 2022 at age 74 from lung cancer Andy fetcher was an English keyboard Player and founding member of the Electronic band depechi mode has died on May 26 2022 from ortic dissection at 60. In 2020 he and the band were inducted Into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Mary Morrow was an American television

And film actress known for her main role As Inspector Brynn Carson on Nash Bridges and appearances on Prime Time Drama’s ER and lore and Order Has died on June 26 2022 due to Drowning Accident She also appeared in Mr Saturday night Philip Baker Hall was an American Character actor Hold is known for his collaborations With Paul Thomas Anderson including Hard Eight Boogie Nights and Magnolia has Died on June 12 2022 of of emphysema he also starred in Leading roles in films such as secret Honor and duck U.S rapper Trouble who collaborated with Drake and the weakened in his career has Died on June 5 2022 at the age of 34. Trouble was shot once in the chest and Killed an apartment in Georgia James corn who built a durable film Career in varied roles across six Decades but was forever identified most Closely with one of his earliest Characters the quick tempered skirt Chasing Sunny Corleone in the original Godfather movie died on July 6 2022 of a Heart attack at 82. Shinzo Abbey Japan’s longest-serving Prime minister died at the age of 67 on July 8 2022 after being shocked during a Campaign speech in western Japan It was a shocking attack in a country

That has some of the strictest gun Control laws in the world Ivana Trump the Glamorous Czech American Businesswoman whose high-profile Marriage to Donald Trump in the 1980s Established them as one of the era’s Quintessential New York power couples Died on July 14. 2022 from injuries Sustained as the result of a fall at her Home in Manhattan She was 73. Paul Savino the tough guy American actor And operatic tenor and figurative Sculptor known for his roles as calm and Often cautiously quiet but dangerous men In films like Goodfellas and television Shows like Law and Order died on July 25 2022 of natural causes He was 83. Tony Dao who became a star at 12 as Wallykiva the Bailey teenage older Brother on the popular 1950s and 60s Comedy series Leave It to Beaver Died on July 27 2022 following a recent liver cancer Diagnosis he was 77. NBA legend Bill Russell who the most Prolific winner in American Sports History an 11-time NBA champion with the Boston Celtics and the first black head Coach in the league passed away Peacefully on July 31 2022 of a natural death according to a Family statement from his verified

Twitter account He was 88. Michelle Nichols the actress revered by Star Trek fans for her role as Lieutenant Yura the communications Officer on the Starship U.S Enterprise Died on July 30 2022 in Silver City New Mexico of congestive heart failure She was 89. Olivia Newton-John who sang some of the Biggest hits of the 1970s and 80s while Recasting Her Image as the virginal girl Next door into a spandex clad vixen A transformation reflected in miniature By her starring role in Greece one of The most popular movie musicals of its Era Died on 8 August 2022 from breast cancer She was 73. Anne Heche an actress whose steady film And television career spanned three Decades after her breakthrough role in The soap opera another world has died on August 11 2022 She was 53. the U.S actor has died a Week after she was critically injured in A car crash Mikhail Gorbachev whose rise to power in The Soviet Union set in motion a series Of revolutionary changes that Transformed the map of Europe and ended The cold war that had threatened the World with nuclear Annihilation has died On August 30 2022 in Moscow of a serious

And protracted disease he was 91. Queen Elizabeth II the UK’s longest Serving Monarch has died at Balmoral Aged 96 after reigning for 70 years She died of of old age on September 8 2022 at her Scottish estate where she Had spent much of the summer The queen came to the throne in 1952 and Witnessed enormous social change Luis fetcher the imposing steely-eyed Actress who won an Academy Award for her Role as the tyrannical Nurse Ratched in One Flew Over The kaku’s Nest died on September 23 2022 of natural causes at her home in Southern France She was 88. Hillary mantle one of Britain’s most Decorated novelists whose Trilogy of Books on the life of Thomas Cromwell Wolf Hall bring up the bodies and the Mirror and the light receive both Critical Acclaim and Commercial Success Landing on bestseller lists around the World died on September 22 2022 from a Massive stroke She was 70. Coolio a rapper and record producer who Has died on September 28 2022 aged 59. was an accessible star of The U.S West Coast hip-hop scene whose 1995 single Gangster’s Paradise became One of the most successful rap songs of All time topping charts around the world

Loretta Lynn the country singer whose Plucky songs had inspiring life story Made her one of the most beloved American Musical performers of her Generation Died on October 4 2022 She was 90. no cause of death was Immediately given Angela Lansbury a formidable actress who Captivated Hollywood in her youth became A Broadway musical sensation in middle Age and then Drew millions of fans as a Widowed mystery writer on the Long-running television series Murder She Wrote died on October 11 2022 of natural causes She was 96. Robbie Coltrane the veteran Scottish Actor who gained worldwide Acclaim as Rubis Hagrid in the Harry Potter film Series died on October 14 2022 he was 72 The actor died following multiple organ Failure Leslie Jordan the emmy-winning actor Best known for his roles as Lani GAO in Hearts of Fire Beverly yesley in Will and Grace and Most recently Phil and call me cat has Died on October 24 2022 in a car accident He was 67. Jerry Lee Lewis The Rock and Roll Pioneer who became one of the most Infamous figures in popular music has

Died on October 28 2022 from pneumonia Aged 87. Lewis’s energetic performances on songs Including Great Balls of Fire helped Install rock and roll as the dominant American pop music of the 1950s Christine MCV the singer songwriter and Keyboardist who became the biggest Hitmaker for Fleetwood Mac one of Music’s most popular bands died on November 30 2022 from the Covid-19 vaccine She was 79. Leslie Phillips a British actor who in a Career that began before World War II Played numerous comic roles then reached New generations of filmgoers when he Provided the voice of the Sorting Hat in The Harry Potter films died on November 7 2022 after a battling along illness at Age 98. Aaron Carter was an American singer and Rapper He came to fame as a teen pop singer in The late 1990s establishing himself as a Star among preteen and teenage audiences During the first years of the 21st Century with his four studio albums was Found dead in his bathtub November 5 2022 at his home aged 34. Kuznick Carrie ball known professionally As takeoff was an American rapper He was best known as a third of the

Hip-hop Trio magos along with his uncle Cuavo and first cousin once removed Offset Died November 1 in a Houston shooting at Age 28. Iron Carro was an American singer Songwriter and actress who belted out The title tracks of two beloved song and Dance movies of the 1980s Flashdance and Fame has died on November 25 2022 She was 63 the cause of her death is Unknown Bob McGrath who played the sweeter-clad Neighborhood music teacher and general Advice giver on Sesame Street for almost Half a century died on December 4 2022 from complications of a stroke he Was 90. Cresty alley who took on the challenge Of replacing a beloved character on one Of the most popular sitcoms of the 1980s Cheers and made her own Mark earning an Emmy award at a Golden Globe for her Portrayal of the career-minded Rebecca Howe in that show died on December 5 2022 from cancer at 71. Georgia Holt singer actress and mother Of Cher has died on December 10 2022 at the age of 96 after battling Numerous illnesses Mom is gone Cher tweeted a rep for the Singer confirmed Holt’s death to the Hollywood Reporter Stephen boss a charismatic hip-hop

Dancer and television personality known As twitch Who Rose to fame on the Reality show So You Think You Can Dance before Becoming a regular on the Ellen DeGeneres Show died on December 13 2022 By Suicide he was 40. Pele the Brazilian king of soccer who Won a record three World Cups and became One of the most commanding sports Figures of the last century died on December 29 2022 He was 82. He had been battling colon cancer and Spent Christmas in hospital receiving Treatment for cardiac and renal Dysfunction

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