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Celebrities Who Died Today 11th March 2023 / Who Passed Away Recently / Celebrity Latest Deaths

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In this video, we pay tribute to famous celebrities and notable individuals who have passed away in recent days. Celebrities Who Died Today 11th March 2023.

Actors Who Died Today “List”

Robert Blake,
Bert I. Gordon,
Denise Russo,
Otis Taylor,
Tom Jackson

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Foreign Blake a controversial actor best known For his roles in the television series Beretta and the film In Cold Blood is Dead on March 9 at age 89. Blake died in Los Angeles from heart Disease according to his niece Noreen Austin Over the course of more than 60 years Working as a professional actor Robert Blake amassed a number of memorable Credits including 1967's In Cold Blood And David Lynch's 1997 film Lost Highway The actor's final screen credit In 2001 Robert Blake's second wife bunny Lee bakley was found murdered in the San Fernando Valley In 2005 the actor was acquitted of Murder charges relating to the case But I Gordon an American filmmaker whose Low budget creature features brought Super-sized monsters to drive in cinemas In the mid-20th century died on March 9 In Los Angeles after collapsing at his Home in Beverly Hills He was 100 Gordon's death was confirmed to the New York Times by his daughter Patricia is Best known for writing and directing Science fiction movie Denise Russo a reality TV star best Known for starring in VH1's the ex-life Has passed away at 44 from undisclosed Causes

The actress was reportedly discovered Unresponsive Sunday on the floor of her Friend's apartment in San Diego Russo was part of one of three couples On VH1's reality show the ex-life which Aired in 2011. it followed the lives of Extreme sports athletes and their Partners At the time Russo was dating Professional skateboarder Pierre luck Gagman They had a son together but had since Broken up Otis Taylor a graceful former star-wide Receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs who Caught the touchdown pass that nailed Down the team's upset victory over the Minnesota Vikings in Super Bowl 4 died On March 9. he was 80. the team Announced his death but did not say Where he died or cite a Cause He had been diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease and dementia The former whiteout spent his entire Career with the Chiefs which selected The Prairie valley product in the fourth Round of the 1965 AFL draft Queer eye star Tom Jackson one of the Most famous former participants on the Makeover Series has died on March 3 After a battle with metastatic Adenocarcinoma a type of cancer that is Found in the lymph nodes and can spread To other areas

He was 63. Jackson was the first person To be made over by the Fab Five when the Show was rebooted by Netflix in 2018 Paying tribute queer eye Stars said they Were saying goodbye to a member of the Family with a heavy heart

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