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Can I Chew Gum While On a Clear Liquid Diet?

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Can I Chew Gum While On a Clear Liquid Diet? Can I Chew a Gum Before Surgery?

Figuring out what to consume and avoid on a clear liquid diet can be daunting. A clear liquid diet is when you must rely entirely on liquids and not meals.

This type of diet is for patients who have to undergo surgery. With so many questions in the patient’s mind, one of the most asked ones is,” can I chew gum while on a clear liquid diet?”

Keep reading to know more.

  1. What’s a clear liquid diet?
  2. Can you chew gum before surgery?
  3. What happens if you don’t follow CLD?
  4. And much, much more!

Can I Chew Gum While On a Clear Liquid Diet?

The guidelines by the American Society of Anesthesiologists® (ASA®) allow chewing gum while on a clear liquid diet. You can suck on hard candy or chew gum 6 hours before surgery. According to some studies, chewing gum before surgery may increase liquid volume, but it won’t affect the pH levels. Make sure the gum or candy is sugar-free.

What’s a Clear Liquid Diet?

A clear liquid diet is when your dietitian limits you to water and other meal-replacement drinks. It’s recommended chiefly before a medical procedure such as a colonoscopy or gastrointestinal surgery.

It’s necessary because you won’t undergo surgery if you don’t follow this diet. Since it’s a clear liquid diet, it won’t provide you with the calories and nutrients needed for your body. 

Even though the liquids from this diet will provide you with electrolytes and salt in the body to prevent dehydration, it is best not to follow it for more than five days.

However, if you have diabetes, talk to your health expert, who can help you manage your blood glucose level by providing some instructions. They may advise you to monitor your blood sugar levels off and on.

That said, the purpose of this diet is to keep your stomach free from any food particles before surgery. In addition, the consumption of liquids reduces bowel residue and, at the same time, kills your thirst.

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Recommended Foods


Can I Chew Gum While On a Clear Liquid Diet? Can I Chew a Gum Before Surgery?

  • Water, coffee, or tea (no milk or non-dairy creamer)
  • Strained fruit juices with no pulp (apple juice, white grape juice, lemonade)
  • Drinks with no bubbles



  • Chicken or Beef bouillon/broth, low sodium, fat-free


Can I Chew Gum While On a Clear Liquid Diet? Can I Chew a Gum Before Surgery?

  • Jell-O
  • Popsicles (No fruit bars)
  • Hard candies

Foods to Avoid

  • Avoid drinks with purple or red colouring as they can leave a residue in the bowel resembling blood. Be careful about it while buying popsicles and Jell-O etc.
  • Intake of solid foods, including milk and milk products, is also restricted.

What Time of The Day Should I Drink Meal Replacement Liquids?

You can drink the meal replacement liquids at the time of the day you would eat meals and snacks. You can keep a gap of 4 to 5 hours between having the drinks.

  • Anyone on a clear liquid diet can have liquid for breakfast, supper and lunch.
  • You can try another meal replacement drink during snack time in the afternoon or evening.

These clear liquid drinks are readily available on the market, and you can also go for powdered ones. In addition, there are drinks with different flavours also available. 

Drink the ones through which you can see through and are sugar-free.

Note: Read the package carefully before buying them.


How Much Fluid Do I Need Per Day?

According to the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, the daily liquid intake for a healthy man is 15.5 cups (3.7 litres), while for women, it’s 11.5 cups (2.7 litres).

That said, a clear liquid diet won’t be able to provide all the nutrients your body needs through the fluid intake.

So as long as you follow CLD, your fluid intake should be 1500–2500 mL (6–10 cups) of liquid-free form calories.

You can include water, tea and coffee without sugar and sugar-free drinks with no bubbles as part of the diet.

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Can I Chew Sugar-Free Gum Before Surgery?

Can I Chew Gum While On a Clear Liquid Diet? Can I Chew a Gum Before Surgery?

Everyone knows well that you can’t eat food before surgery as it can create complications after anaesthesia.

The doctor wants your stomach to be empty before performing a medical procedure. In terms of chewing gum, it can raise the amount of fluid in your stomach. 

However, according to reports at the presented ANESTHESIOLOGY™ 2014 annual meeting, it’s safe to give anaesthesia to patients who fast and chew gum before surgery.

That said, chewing gum may increase the liquid volume in the stomach, but the stomach’s acidity remains unchanged. So it would not increase the risk of complications after anaesthesia.

In a study, the doctors chose 67 patients who had to undergo gastrointestinal surgery. Among them, 34 patients were to chew gum, while the remaining 33 were on a liquid diet.

The 34 patients had to chew gum right before the surgery, which they did. After that, following anaesthesia and endoscope insertion, they assessed the pH and acidity of the stomach.

The results showed high liquid in the stomach of 34 patients compared to those who did not. But, the pH value remained unchanged.

To sum up, it’s safe to chew gum before surgery, but it is better not to chew it 6 hours before surgery. It would be best to ask your doctor for further guidance.


What Happens If You Don’t Follow CLD Before a Surgery?

Avoiding food before surgery is common and what type of food you can have depends on the surgery you will undergo.

You’ll have to follow a clear liquid diet if the surgery involves anaesthesia. If you don’t follow it, you will face severe compilation after anaesthesia.

After anaesthesia, solid or liquid content in the stomach can cause vomiting, get into the lungs, and affect your breathing.

In many cases, it can cause death too. Mostly adults are not allowed to eat food for 6 hours and have liquids 2 hours before surgery.

Infants can have milk 4 hours before surgery, giving them only clear liquids afterwards.



A clear liquid diet is when you follow a diet which contains no solid foods. The liquids should be sugar and fat-free. People who have to undergo a medical procedure follow this diet.

About chewing gum, some studies suggest it’s safe to chew it on a clear liquid diet, while others don’t. Asking your doctor for further guidance would be best. 



  • Can I chew gum while prepping for a colonoscopy?

You can chew gum or suck on hard candies during servings, but do not do so six hours before your colonoscopy. 

  • Can you chew sugar-free gum on a liquid diet?

While following this liquid diet, avoid alcohol and other calorie-containing beverages. Gum without sugar can be an option. 

  • Why am I not allowed to eat gum before a colonoscopy?

At least three hours before your arrival time, refrain from chewing gum or using smoke. Gum chewing can increase stomach contents, raising the possibility of anaesthesia problems.

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