9 Famous Celebrities Who died Today 6th January 2023 - Choice Diets

9 Famous Celebrities Who died Today 6th January 2023

9 Famous Celebrities Who died Today 6th January 2023 – Who died Recently

-We talk about Hollywood Actors , Celebs ,NFL Players , Baseball Players , Grammy award winners Singers who died today & How they died

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Kelly Monteith American comedian Kelly Monteith who is best known for writing And staring in the BBC comedy Scott show Cali Monteith died on the 2nd of January 2022 he rose to prominence in the United Kingdom after several appearances on the Des O’Connor show Monteith was one of the first American Comedians to have his own BBC show in America he appeared in two CBS shows the Cali Montes show and the hit squad Kelly Died at the age of 80. Monteith suffered Two strokes in February of 2021 leaving Him with aphasia Barbara Walters American Hall of Fame television Journalists and talk show host Barbara Walters known for her interviewing Ability and popularity with viewers died On the 30th of December 2022. She hosted a number of television shows Including today the ABC Evening News 2020 and the view Walters worked as a Journalist until her retirement in 2015. In 1989 Walters was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame and in 2007 she Was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Barbara died of natural causes at the Age of 93. Uche nuaneri American football player Gucci noiri who Played in the National Football League For Seven Seasons with the Jacksonville Jaguars died on the 30th of December

2022. He attended Purdue University and was Drafted by the Jaguars in the fifth Round of the 2007 NFL draft he ran the YouTube channel the observant lineman After retiring Uchi died of a heart attack his wife Found him unresponsive in a bedroom Around 1am He died at the age of 38. Moroccan comedian abdirahim tunsi is Regarded as one of the finest staged Actors He died on the 2nd of January 2022. abdirahim has received numerous Awards including being named the best Moroccan comedian of the 20th century in 2011. he died of natural causes at the Age of 86. Don West American commentator And television personality Don West who Is best known for appearing in Impact Wrestling as a commentator died on the 30th of December 2022 West also worked As a host for TV show shop at home Network If you talk about Don West’s love life He was married to Terry from July 18 of 1992 until his death in 2022. West died Of lymphoma of the brain at the age of 59. Odato Italian film director screenwriter and Actor rugero deodato who is best known For his work in movies like Cannibal

Holocaust Ultima Mundo caribale and live Like a cop die like a man died on the 29th of December 2022. he is perhaps Best known for directing realistically Violent in gory horror films if you talk About regardless love life he was Married to actress Sylvia dionisio from 1971 to 1979. He had a son from that marriage Diodata died at the age of 83. no cause Of death was revealed by his family Ian Tyson Canadian folk singer and Songwriter Ian Tyson who was best known For his popular songs like Four Strong Winds someday soon died on the 29th of December 2022. Ian helped influence such Future Superstars as Jonah Mitchell and Neil Young who began singing with his Future wife Sylvia fricker after Releasing 13 albums together the two Singers married in 1965 but divorced in 1975. Ian died at his Ranch following a Series of Health complications [Music]

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