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9 Alarming Signs Your Body NEEDS More Vitamin C!

Is vitamin C really that important? Can it help prevent things like cancer? How common is vitamin C deficiency? We’re gonna answer all this and more in today’s video, so keep watching until the end.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Nosebleeds – 00:30
2. Odd Shaped Body Hair – 00:58
3. Sore, Bleeding And Swollen Gums – 01:50
4. Anemia Or Iron Deficiency – 02:33
5. Spoon Shaped Or Dipped Nail Beds – 03:14
6. Feeling Tired Or Moody – 03:43
7. Your Body Takes A Long Time To Heal – 04:33
8. Dry Hair And Split Ends – 05:02
9. Weight Gain – 05:23
Where To Get Vitamin C – 05:49
Lemon Water – 06:27
Red Peppers – 06:49
Acerola Cherry Or Barbados Cherry – 07:28


1. Nosebleeds
Nosebleeds are no fun, that’s for sure. Do you get them often? It could just be the fact that the blood vessels in your nose are just naturally weaker than usual, or, it could be a vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C helps your body produce collagen, which helps to strengthen your blood vessels. The less vitamin C in your body the more likely you are to have weaker blood vessels and if they’re located in your nose, then that’s why your nose bleeds so often.

2. Odd Shaped Body Hair
Ok this one is pretty weird, but when’s the last time you’ve checked out the shape of your body hair? Doesn’t matter if you have a lot or a little if it’s growing in weird ways it could be due to a vitamin C deficiency. The most common shapes to look out for are either bent or coiled hairs. This happens because the lack of vitamin C affects the protein structure of the hair. If you catch an odd looking corkscrew shaped hair that’s a pretty key sign, however they’re hard to catch sometimes because the damaged hairs usually just fall out or break off. The good news is that once you replenish your body with Vitamin C this symptom will naturally go away.

3. Sore, Bleeding And Swollen Gums
Ouch, this one sounds painful! You might mistake this one for gingivitis in the beginning, but if you have a healthy oral routine and you see no improvement in the health of your gums, it’s probably linked to your vitamin C intake. Again, collagen is something your gums also need to stay healthy, and vitamin C directly contributes to the body’s production of collagen. If your body is lacking your gums can’t heal properly and will continue to bleed. If your gums are swollen, that’s because of inflammation. Vitamin C has antioxidant properties so it can combat this swelling and inflammation, too.

For more information, please watch the video until the very end.

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One of the best ways you can give your Body a boost and help keep its defenses Up against illness is by eating healthy Food food that contains essential Vitamins and minerals that keep your Body strong one of those important Vitamins is vitamin C Is Vitamin C really that important can It help prevent things like cancer how Common is Vitamin C deficiency we’re Going to answer all this and More in Today’s video so keep watching Until the End here’s nine signs your body needs More vitamin C Number one nosebleeds Nosebleeds are no fun that’s for sure do You get them often it could just be the Fact that the blood vessels in your nose Are just naturally weaker than usual or It could be a vitamin C deficiency Vitamin C helps your body to produce Collagen which helps to strengthen your Blood vessels the less vitamin C in your Body the more likely you are to have Weaker blood vessels and if they’re Located in your nose then that’s why Your nose bleeds so often Number two odd shaped body hair Okay this one is pretty weird but when’s The last time you’ve checked out the Shape of your body hair doesn’t matter If you have a lot or a little if it’s Growing in weird ways it could be due to A vitamin C deficiency the most common

Shapes to look out for are either bent Or coiled hairs this happens because the Lack of vitamin C affects the protein Structure of the hair if you catch an Odd looking Corkscrew shaped hair it’s a Pretty key sign however they’re hard to Catch because sometimes the damaged Hairs usually just fall out or break off The good news is that once you replenish Your body with vitamin C this symptom Will naturally go away Are you enjoying this list so far just Wait until the next point it’s very Strange but before talking about that Why not subscribe to our Channel and Click the notification Bell so you never Miss a video just like this from bestie Number three sore bleeding and swollen Gums Ouch this one sounds painful you might Mistake this one for gingivitis in the Beginning but if you have a healthy oral Routine and you see no improvement in The health of your gums it’s probably Linked to your vitamin C intake Again collagen is something your gums Also need to stay healthy and vitamin C Directly contributes to the body’s Production of collagen if your body is Lacking your gums can’t heal properly And will continue to bleed if your gums Are swollen that’s because of Inflammation vitamin C has antioxidant Properties so it can combat this

Swelling and inflammation too Vitamin C deficiency might also cause Your body to be deficient in another Important mineral Number four anemia or iron deficiency Vitamin C deficiency and anemia often go Hand in hand vitamin C can help your Body absorb iron but if you’re low in Vitamin C it can make it harder for your Body to keep its iron levels up one Study showed that pairing 100 milligrams Of Vitamin C while eating a meal that Was rich in iron improved iron Absorption by a whopping 67 percent Unfortunately if your body is low on Vitamin C it can cause your body to Bleed more often like the nosebleeds and Swollen gums we talked about earlier This excess bleeding can up the risk of Anemia as well Here’s a few other symptoms that are Related to both iron and vitamin C Deficiency Number five spoon-shaped or dipped nail Beds Have you taken a good look at your Fingernails lately are they a bit odd Shaped how about spoon shaped if you Find they dip in the middle and are also Thin and brittle this could be a sign of Either a vitamin C deficiency anemia or Both There may also be some red lines or Spots on the nail beds if your nails are

Looking a bit weird it could be a Vitamin C issue another symptom of both Iron and vitamin C deficiency is Number six feeling tired or Moody While this is a symptom of many many Things we can’t rule out the lack of Vitamin C after all it could be an easy Fix or it could be an indicator of Something more serious Vitamin c does play a role in the Production of energy and your mood one Study suggests that upping your intake Of vitamin C could directly impact how You’re feeling and boost your mood but If you’re experiencing chronic fatigue And a boost in your vitamin C levels Isn’t helping we would recommend that You take it seriously and speak to a Professional Are you worried about your vitamin Intake take a look at our video called Signs your body is lacking vitamin E and Its benefits to learn more or you can Also check out seven signs your body is Desperate for vitamin A to keep yourself Healthy now back to our video on nine Signs your body needs more vitamin C Number seven your body takes a long time To heal If you’re noticing that cuts and scrapes Take a very long time to heal you might Want to increase the vitamin C in your Diet vitamin C directly contributes to The body’s immune system vitamin C helps

Protect you against infection and speeds Up the time wounds take to heal not to Mention it’ll help with the way scars Will look after because as we’ve Mentioned vitamin C helps with collagen Production making the skin strong and Smooth Number eight dry hair and split ends We all want silky smooth locks and when You’re giving your body all the right Vitamins and nutrients it will usually Reward you with clear skin and shiny Hair once again collagen is to blame for Dry brittle hair collagen gives hair its Strength and vitamin C will boost your Body’s collagen production Number nine weight gain It seems like everything can cause you To gain weight and unfortunately a Vitamin C deficiency is no different Remember when we talked about how lack Of vitamin C can cause you to feel tired Well that can contribute to a lack of Energy and will make getting up and Working out much more difficult not to Mention your metabolism will respond to A lack of vitamin C by slowing down Making it harder to keep the weight off Where to get vitamin C Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin Which means you need to get it from an Outside Source your body doesn’t create It since your body can’t stock up on This vitamin it’s pretty easy to become

Deficient keep in mind don’t go Overboard on the vitamin C intake your Body can’t store it so any extra will be Of no use to you Try and stick with the recommended daily Intake or RDI of vitamin C which is 90 Milligrams for men and 75 milligrams for Women keep in mind eating fruit and Vegetables raw is usually the best way To get the most nutritional benefit Here’s a few simple ways you can boost Your vitamin C intake Lemon water One of the easiest ways is to add some Lemon to your water drinking water is Vital to your health since you have to Drink it daily anyway why not give your Water a boost and add some vitamin C you Can cut a few slices and stick it into Your water bottle or you can squeeze the Juice from the lemon itself adding lemon To hot water or tea is also a great Source Red peppers The sweeter the better did you know a Cup of raw red pepper contains more Vitamin C than an orange one cup of red Pepper can provide you with 317 percent Of your recommended daily intake while a Cup of orange will only give you 160 Percent that’s still really good though So if you prefer oranges to Peppers That’s okay If you haven’t tried eating red pepper

Raw you’ll likely be surprised at how Sweet they can be for the most vitamin C Try slicing up a few peppers and dip Them in some hummus for a tasty healthy Snack try to avoid creamy dressings for Dipping fruit and veggies as it can add Unnecessary calories and sugar As serola cherry or Barbados cherry This is a type of cherry that you may be Unfamiliar with experts are calling it An untapped super fruit and it’s one of The best sources of vitamin C on the Planet if you were to eat a cup of these Cherries that would be almost three Thousand percent of your recommended Daily intake of vitamin C yup you heard That right this fruit is also rich with Phytonutrients like carnoids Anthocyanins and flavonoids all of which Help to fight off disease and keep you Healthy you can get it in a bunch or in Powder form although we always recommend Getting your nutrients and vitamins from Eating whole unprocessed foods to get The best health benefits Do you think you have a vitamin C Deficiency what’s your favorite source Of vitamin C let us know in the comments Below we’d love to hear from you Enjoyed this video hit like share and Subscribe to bestie wait what kind of Bestie are we if we don’t tell you about Our other awesome videos go ahead choose The left or right video and enjoy

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