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8 Breakfast Foods That Will Help You Look YOUNGER

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Who wouldn’t like to have beautiful, youthful looking skin? What if I told you there were breakfast options that can give you just that? In today’s video, we’re talking about 8 breakfast foods that will make you look younger.

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Intro – 0:00
1. Chia Seed Pudding – 00:21
2. Blueberries – 01:37
3. Eggs – 02:42
4. Avocado – 04:17
5. Fruit Smoothies – 05:50
6. Tofu Scramble – 06:25
7. Sweet Potato – 06:59
8. Tomato – 07:42


1. Chia Seed Pudding
These tiny black seeds are loaded with nutrition, especially omega-3 fatty acids. One ounce of chia seeds give you 9 grams of healthy fats, 5 of which are omega 3.

But what is the connection between omega-3 fatty acids and younger skin? It turns out a lot! Omega-3’s help regulate your skin’s oil production, reduce signs of aging, and hydrate your skin. They also stop breakouts. Getting a decent amount of omega-3 will give you soft, hydrated, supple skin.

2. Blueberries
Looking for a delicious treat that also makes your skin glow? Blueberries are the answer. They’re delicious just on their own. You can also whip up a blueberry dessert, or make a smoothie. And of course, they’re bursting with nutrition.

3. Eggs
Eggs are a traditional popular breakfast. You can eat them scrambled, poached or boiled. All are healthy choices. Omelette isn’t bad either if you don’t overload it with butter or cheese.

4. Avocado
Avocado lovers, here’s some good news for you. They are excellent for your skin. This creamy green fruit is loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids.

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Hey there viewers who wouldn’t like to Have beautiful youthful looking skin What if I told you that there are Breakfast options that can give you just That in today’s video we’re talking About eight breakfast foods that’ll make You look younger how does chia seed Pudding help why is tomato so special For your skin what about blueberry and Tofu scramble we’ll be talking all of These and more number one chia seed Pudding these tiny black seeds are Loaded with nutrition especially omega-3 Fatty acids one ounce of chia seeds Gives you 9 grams of healthy fats five Of which are Omega-3 but what’s the Connection between omega-3 fatty acids And younger skin it turns out a lot Omega-3s help regulate your Skin’s oil Production reduce signs of aging and Hydrate your skin they also stop Breakouts getting a decent amount of Omega-3s will give you soft hydrated Supple skin what’s more they also Provide relief from skin irritation and Dermatitis there’s been a study on this It was found that omega-3 fatty acids Did help white blood cells preserve tiny Segments of DNA these shortened over Time due to aging one nutrient and so Many benefits this is why we highly Recommend you eat chia seed pudding for Breakfast you can try a simple four Ingredient kind stir chia seeds honey

Vanilla extract and milk together in a Bowl or mason jar let the mixture sit For five minutes stir again to break the Lumps of chia seeds cover and place it In the fridge overnight remember the Consistency has to be nice and thick not Liquidy do you like eating pudding which One’s your favorite share your Preferences with the bestie community in The comments below number two Blueberries looking for a delicious Treat that also makes your skin glow Blueberries are the answer they’re Delicious just on their own you can also Whip up a blueberry dessert or make a Smoothie and of course they’re bursting With nutrition blueberries aren’t just To make your breakfast oatmeal bowl look Gorgeous this Delicious Fruit is an Excellent morning meal thanks to its High amount of antioxidants and fiber But how does it help your skin Blueberries have polyphenols that Prevent early signs of aging Studies Have revealed polyphenols to Be an Effective sunscreen your skin is Protected from the harmful rays of the Sun especially UV rays wondering about The best way to eat blueberries eat them On their own this can get boring pretty Quick though so why not experiment blend Blueberries with yogurt and make a Delicious smoothie don’t forget to add Saffron and honey for a power packed

Nutritious punch they make for delicious Topping with your oatmeal and cereals You can even make ice cubes and add them To your drinks way to beat the summer Heat my personal favorite is the Blueberry strawberry and kiwi salad with A drizzle of raw organic honey number Three eggs eggs are a traditional Popular breakfast you can eat them Scrambled poached or boiled all are Healthy choices Omelette isn’t bad either if you don’t Overload it with butter or cheese but Can eggs be the answer for your youthful Skin well it turns out yeah eggs are Nourishing for your skin due to specific Nutrients vitamin D and protein to be Precise wondering how these nutrients Help your skin let’s unravel one by one You need protein and amino acids for Healing and repairing damaged tissues This means your hair skin and Nails all Need protein to keep healthy this Nutrient also increases cell turnover of Your skin it helps new skin cells Replace and take over old ones protein Also has anti-aging effects Vitamin D Protects your skin from sun damage as You age your body’s ability to produce It decreases it becomes even more Important to get vitamin D from foods And eggs make an excellent choice you Can turn your breakfast into a skin Nourishing meal by eating vitamin C rich

Veggies with eggs add kale spinach or Bell peppers to The Omelette vitamin C Brightens your skin these green veggies Also have vitamin E K and antioxidants All of these nutrients are good for your Skin vitamins E and K promote blood flow This helps reduce the appearance of dark Spots there’s another surprising benefit Of eating eggs for breakfast they’ll Help you stay fit eggs keep you full for Longer thanks to the high amount of Protein found in them this means you Won’t feel hunger cravings eventually You’ll end up eating fewer calories Number four avocado avocado lovers Here’s some good news for you they’re an Excellent choice for your skin this Creamy green fruit is loaded with Monosaturated fatty acids quite a Mouthful of a name right but why are These fatty acids so important they’re Great for your skin as they protect it From premature aging avocados improve Moisture content in your skin making it Soft and supple avocados also have Antioxidants that fight damage caused by Harsh environments like sun pollution And aging all of these give you wrinkles But antioxidant-rich foods prevent Premature aging by strengthening your Body against harmful free radicals and Not just that avocados are loaded with Vitamins a d and e as well all of these Are a blessing for your skin eating

Avocados for breakfast can also increase Collagen metabolism collagen is the most Common protein in your body it’s the Major component of your skin as if that Wasn’t enough avocados have even more to Offer this is the ultimate fruit you Should eat to feel full eating it in the Morning will help you stay energized Throughout the day you won’t feel hunger Cravings between meals overall this Creamy fruit will keep you fit eat Avocados on their own or make toasts and Sandwiches using them you can also make Savory breakfast salads using avocados Blueberries eggs and sweet potatoes Vegan breakfast tacos aren’t bad either You might in fact love them before we Move ahead here’s another video you Might like you need Vitamin C for Healthy skin but how would you know if You’re getting it right watch this video To learn more about the signs and Symptoms of vitamin C deficiency number Five fruit smoothies fire up the blender Fruit smoothies are loaded with Antioxidants that prevent premature Aging imagine no wrinkles smoothies also Hydrate your body which shows up in the Form of soft supple skin you can make Your smoothies even more powerful by Combining more than two ingredients how About blueberries avocados yogurt and Chia seeds they have things like vitamin C healthy Omega fatty acids vitamin E

And antioxidants you’ll get all the good Things for your skin vitamin E and Omega Fatty acids reduce inflammation and Promote your Skin’s Health number six Tofu scramble this is the breakfast Everyone will love especially vegans Swap eggs with this delicious tofu right On nutrition and taste toe tofu has lots Of protein on top of that soy plays an Important role in reducing wrinkles and Improving your Skin’s elasticity tofu Also offers a generous amount of zinc Which helps your skin cells repair Themselves add in veggies like broccoli And tomatoes throw in some avocados as Well you’ll get antioxidants vitamin E And Omega fatty acids they’re great for Your skin number seven sweet potato do You love hash browns fries or mashed Potatoes I mean I wouldn’t blame you but They’re not really the healthiest food Choices so why not swap them out for Something that’s just as delicious but Also good for your skin the answer is Sweet potato sweet potato has powerful Antioxidants derived from vitamin A they Protect your skin from damage caused by Stress environmental factors sun and Aging sweet potatoes are also loaded With vitamin C A nutrient that Regenerates your skin and brightens it Research has proven that women over the Age of 40 who don’t take enough vitamin C have a higher chance of wrinkles the

Healthiest way to eat sweet potatoes is To boil them adding butter mayonnaise And cheese all hurt your health number Eight Tomatoes tomatoes for breakfast You don’t need to eat them on their own First thing in the morning not very Appetizing but you can add them to your Omelets eggs and sandwiches why am I so Hell-bent on you eating tomatoes because They’re great for your skin Tomatoes Contain a compound that decreases your Skin sensitivity to the sun’s harmful Rays it also reduces inflammation of Your skin tomatoes are also rich in Vitamin B complex they have anti-aging Effects on your body all those age spots Fine lines and sunburns Tomatoes can fix Them all so now that your breakfast is Sorted what about your lunch and dinner Which foods should you not eat let’s Talk about a couple more videos shall we Watch 13 foods to avoid if you want Younger looking skin you can also try 13 Activities to avoid go ahead and click One better yet watch both do you eat any Of these Foods regularly let us know in The comments below

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