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7 RED-FLAG 🚩 Health Symptoms Women Should NEVER IGNORE!

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Feeling short of breath after climbing just one flight of stairs? Do you suddenly feel numb in your legs or hands? Are your periods heavy and painful? We’re going to discuss all of these AND more…

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Intro – 0:00
1. Shortness of breath – 00:29
2. Sudden numbness – 01:30
3. Heavy or painful periods – 02:28
4. Abnormal bleeding – 03:09
5. Pain during intimacy – 04:18
6. Skin changes – 05:15
7. Discharge from your breasts – 05:56


1. Shortness of breath
Have you ever had trouble breathing all of the sudden? It can be really scary. There’s a very close link between your breathing, and how effectively your heart is pumping blood throughout your body. The main function of pumping blood is to ensure all your tissues get the oxygen they need.

2. Sudden numbness
Losing any feeling in your body is unpleasant. It doesn’t matter how small it is. Numbness is when you suddenly feel a loss of sensation in your arms or legs. Usually, you feel numb because of a lack of blood supply. Sometimes it can also be because of nerve compression or damage.

3. Heavy or painful periods
Do you know the difference between a normal monthly cycle and an abnormal one? If you suddenly experience heavy or painful periods, which is not usually the case, there’s the possibility of gynecological problems.

4. Abnormal bleeding
Apart from your periods, if you see bleeding, it’s time to see your gynecologist. It could be a serious issue. This is the same in the case of bleeding after menopause. These are symptoms that should NEVER be ignored.

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Hey there viewers your health comes First but often we women ignore our own Health while managing our home family And work when was the last time you Really like really relaxed if you can't Remember then this video is for you Today we're going to talk about seven Health symptoms women should never Ignore feeling short of breath after Climbing just one flight of stairs do You suddenly feel numb in your legs or Hands are your periods heavy and painful We're going to discuss all of these and More Number one shortness of breath Have you ever had trouble breathing all Of a sudden it can be really scary There's a very close link between your Breathing and how effectively your heart Is pumping blood throughout your body The main function of pumping blood is to Ensure all your tissues get the oxygen They need when that doesn't happen you Feel a shortness of breath this is Because your heart is not pumping blood Effectively one of the reasons your Heart may not be doing its job is Because it's showing signs of a heart Attack This is one of the reasons you shouldn't Dismiss symptoms like shortness of Breath you should look for other Symptoms of a heart attack such as chest Pain nausea and cold sweats

You could also feel shortness of breath Due to other conditions it affects your Pulmonary system and lungs as well Allergies and Asthma can also cause Shortness of breath if you're suffering From obesity or low blood pressure you Will deal with the same condition how Many flights of stairs can you climb in One go do you use an elevator or climb Stairs to get to your apartment or Workplace share your preferences with The bestie community in the comments Below Number two sudden numbness Losing any feeling in your body is Unpleasant it doesn't matter how small It is numbness is when you suddenly feel A loss of sensation in your arms or legs Usually you feel numb because of a lack Of blood supply sometimes it can be Because of nerve compression or damage Numbness should not be taken for granted You could be having a stroke if this is The case there are other symptoms you Can look out for as well such as Difficulty speaking and problems walking You might feel sudden confusion with Trouble seeing through one eye if you're Feeling any of these things make sure You let someone around you know you may Not be able to recognize these symptoms On your own Certain steps need to be taken very Quickly if you're in fact suffering from

A stroke you need to get treatment Within a few hours ideally you should be Receiving it within the hour the Symptoms start to show Looking for answers on all the latest Health and wellness news hit that Subscribe button and join our millions Of followers stay up to date on all our Great bestie content Number three heavy or painful periods do You know the difference between a normal Cycle and an abnormal one if you Suddenly experience heavy or painful Periods which is not usually the case There's the possibility of gynecological Problems A heavy or painful period could be a Symptom of uterine fibroids this is the Most common form of non-cancerous tumor And is seen mostly in women who are in The ages of childbearing There are other gynecological problems Associated with heavy or painful periods For instance you may also have Endometriosis or pelvic inflammatory Disease there are treatments available For these issues in case you start Showing other symptoms along with your Abnormal periods Number four abnormal bleeding Apart from periods if you see bleeding It's time to see your gynecologist it Could be a serious issue this is the Same in the case of bleeding after

Menopause these are symptoms that should Never be ignored One of the reasons you may experience Abnormal bleeding is because of uterine Cancer it could also be a case of Cervical cancer uterine cancers are Usually endometrial which means it Originates in your uterus's lining Along with bleeding another symptom of Uterine cancer includes abnormal Discharge you may also feel some pelvic Pain while also facing difficulty Urinating some complications resulting From uterine cancer can be Life-threatening so it's important to Get yourself checked as soon as you see The symptoms Bleeding could be caused by endometrial Hyperplasia this occurs when the lining Of your uterus becomes thick keep in Mind this is non-cancerous at the same Time you still need to get yourself Checked to avoid further complications Before we move ahead here's another Video you might like trying to get in Shape here's a video on six exercises That can transform your body in just Four weeks Now back to our list of seven symptoms Women should never ignore Number five pain during intimacy This one's a pretty sensitive topic but It's one that needs to be talked about Nonetheless if you're suffering pain

While you know in the bedroom it could Be for a number of reasons again Endometriosis is a condition you will Need to look out for This particular condition can result in Infertility among women endometriosis Happens when a tissue is similar to your Uterus lining begins to grow separately From the uterus There are other symptoms you can also Watch out for apart from pain during Intimacy you might also be suffering From pelvic pain as well as very Unpleasant periods on top of that there Will also be pain during urination These symptoms should not be taken for Granted and you will need to check with A doctor as quickly as you can they will Usually suggest hormonal treatment right Off the bat Pain can be an indicator of other Conditions as well it's very important You get a thorough medical exam done That way you can avoid complications in The future Number six skin changes While most people tend to take good care Of their skin there's always the Possibility of you seeing a mold or a Freckle if you're particular about your Skincare routine you might even notice Changes in the color or sizes of Pre-existing moles and freckles If this is indeed the case then you will

Need to get a check by a doctor as soon As you can these skin changes could Serve as signs of melanoma which is one Of the more deadly types of skin cancer As is the case with most types of cancer Melanoma can be treated if you catch it ASAP this is why it's important to look In the mirror and check your skin every Once in a while take note of any Abnormalities if you want to be extra Careful try getting a regular screening From a dermatologist Number seven discharge from your breasts Considering breast cancer is one of the Most common forms of disease among women It's really important you do Self-examinations on a regular basis You'll need to look out for any changes In your breast size as well as lumps You also need to take note of any Discharge you find this particular Discharge is another indicator of breast Cancer the discharge from your breasts Can also come in several forms it could Be blood it could be clear either way You'll know it's something peculiar You'll need to get yourself screened for Breast cancer even if you don't feel any Lump in your breasts the discharge can Be a symptom of the disease catching it Early would help save your life When it comes to figuring out whether These symptoms are life-threatening it's Always good to trust your instinct while

It doesn't do any good to worry over Every small change you should keep an Eye on symptoms that are clearly Pointing towards a serious medical issue More often than not being cautious can Make a huge difference between life and Death it not only helps you but also Helps protect the people you love Knowing these seven symptoms will help Women take care of their health Interested in knowing more about Women's Health Care did you know the nutritional Needs of men and women are different There are healthy foods a woman should Be eating every day some of them might Even help with hormonal imbalances let's Keep things going with a couple more Videos shall we Check out 14 healthy foods women should Eat every day you can also try our video On nine symptoms of hormonal imbalance In women Go ahead click one or better yet watch Both and learn more about women's health And wellness did you know about these Seven symptoms of disease let us know in The comments below

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