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5 TOP Plant-Based Nutrients That Can Naturally Boost Collagen

Have you spent hundreds of dollars trying to find the secret to youthful skin? Yet no matter how many skin creams or serums you buy, nothing seems to do the trick. I’ll let you in on a little-known fact, the answer to youthful skin is…collagen!

That’s right, collagen is responsible for keeping your skin, hair, nails, teeth, and, well, your whole body youthful! Sit tight as we give you the insight you need to naturally boost your collagen levels all through plant-based nutrients!

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What is Collagen?
Collagen is the richest structural protein found in animals. Structural protein is responsible for the build-up and layout of your cells and tissues. Collagen makes up for 70% of the protein in our skin and is a beauty food that helps skin elasticity. It’s one of the major factors helping people age gracefully.

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is essential for producing collagen because your body can’t make collagen without it; it’s a necessary cofactor for collagen synthesis. Studies show that the presence of Vitamin C causes the DNA to promote and maintain the intracellular amount of collagen. Also, the antioxidant properties present in vitamin C fight free radicals and assist the skin’s regeneration process by helping repair damaged cells and refresh the skin. Experts recommend a daily intake of 75 to 90 micrograms of vitamin C.

This essential mineral forms red blood cells, bones, and connective tissue. Copper activates lysyl oxidase, an enzyme necessary for collagen development, and builds fibers that support your tissues. You only need copper in small amounts, and since your body can’t naturally produce it, you must supplement it through your diet.

Silicon is a mineral vital for bone strength and preventing diseases such as osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. This mineral helps in collagen production and contributes to the structural integrity and elasticity of the skin.

Zinc plays a crucial role in collagen synthesis. It is necessary for cell repair and helps defend collagen in the body against damage. Zinc deficiency can lower the amount of collagen produced, so getting adequate amounts of zinc every day is necessary.

Amino Acids
Three amino acids are vital for collagen production- Lysine, glycine, and proline. While all these three amino acids are essential for operation, each has its benefits.

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Foreign Have you spent hundreds of dollars Trying to find the secret to youthful Skin Yet no matter how many skin creams or Serums you buy nothing seems to do the Trick I’ll let you in on a little known fact The answer to youthful skin is collagen That’s right collagen is responsible for Keeping your skin hair nails teeth and Well your whole body youthful Sit tight as we give you the Insight you Need to naturally boost your collagen Levels all through plant-based nutrients But first what is collagen Collagen is the richest structural Protein found in animals structural Protein is responsible for the buildup And layout of your cells and tissues Collagen makes up for 70 of the protein In our skin and is a beauty food that Helps skin elasticity it’s one of the Major factors helping people age Gracefully There are 28 types of collagen with type 1 collagen making up 90 of the human Body and is found in bones tendons Cartilage skin and connective tissues it Also provides structural support for Tissues and plays a significant role in Cellular processes including immune Response tissue repair cellular Communication and migration a vital

Function for tissue maintenance as we Get older our collagen production starts Slowing down and so does the essential Functioning of our body There are a few methods to boost your Natural production of collagen let’s Take a look Vitamin c does the trick Vitamin C is essential for producing Collagen because your body can’t make Collagen without it it’s a necessary Cofactor for collagen synthesis Studies show that the presence of Vitamin C causes the DNA to promote and Maintain the intracellular amount of Collagen also the antioxidant properties Present in vitamin C fight free radicals And assist the Skin’s regeneration Process by helping repair damaged cells And refresh the skin experts recommend a Daily intake of 75 to 90 micrograms of Vitamin C Foods like papaya Tomatoes broccoli Strawberries bell peppers and kale are Rich in vitamin C and will help your Body produce collagen Next we have copper This essential mineral forms red blood Cells bones and connective tissue copper Activates Lysol oxidase an enzyme Necessary for collagen development and Builds fibers that support your tissues You only need copper in small amounts And since your body can’t naturally

Produce it you must supplement it Through your diet We suggest getting your 900 milligrams Of copper daily by eating spinach Swiss Chard cocoa shiitake mushrooms spirulina Almonds cashews sunflower seeds and Sesame seeds Besides dietary sources you can also Depend on collagen supplements like sun Warriors collagen peptides powder Sun Warriors collagen building peptides Can slow down the signs of aging when Combined with a healthy lifestyle and Exercise this ultimate plant-based Collagen Builder is certified organic Low carb non-GMO 100 vegan and Plant-based soy free dairy free no sugar Added and gluten-free Silicon helps with collagen production Helicon is a mineral vital for bone Strength and preventing diseases such as Osteoarthritis and osteoporosis this Mineral helps in collagen production and Contributes to the structural integrity And elasticity of the skin studies show Low levels of silicon are linked to Reduced bone and connective tissue Growth and may relate to signs of Premature aging taking adequate amounts Of silica as supplements can increase Bone volume and density in Post-menopausal women with osteoporosis Silicon is highly beneficial for good Bone and tissue Health a daily dose of

40 milligrams of silicon can help grow Stronger bones You can find silicon and fruits like Cherries apples oranges and strawberries When it comes to veggies try eggplants Beets celery carrots and potatoes Another cofactor in the production of Collagen is zinc Zinc plays a crucial role in collagen Synthesis it’s necessary for cell repair And helps defend collagen in the body Against damage zinc deficiency can lower The amount of collagen produced so Getting adequate amounts of zinc every Day is necessary while men should Consume 11 milligrams of zinc per day Women are recommended eight Find your daily requirements in nuts Like cashews almonds lentils and seeds Like Sesame watermelon and pumpkin Lastly we have amino acids Three amino acids are vital for collagen Production lysine Glycine and Proline While all these three amino acids are Essential for operation each has its Benefits Proline is vital for skin Health and wound healing glycine Promotes balanced blood sugar tendon Repair and restful sleep while lysine is Essential for synthesizing connective Tissues and supporting bone growth Your body can make Glycine and Proline Naturally but lysine the most essential Of the three needs to be consumed

Through food to absorb lysine you need Adequate amounts of vitamin B1 B2 B6 C Iron and glutamic acid the recommended Daily lysine intake is 30 milligrams per Kilogram of body weight For lysine-rich Foods eat legumes Mangoes avocados oats nuts quinoa sweet Potatoes beets cooked spinach and tofu For Pro Lean rich foods try sunflower Seeds mushrooms seaweed bamboo shoots Asparagus yogurt and cabbage And for your glycine intake include Legumes whole grains carrots bananas Tofu cabbage asparagus and carob seeds Other than your diet you also need to Take good care of your mental health and Take part in physical activities every Day if you wish to age gracefully want To know more about anti-aging Foods Let’s keep the conversation going shall We Watch 10 anti-aging foods that actually Work or 13 best anti-aging foods that Everyone should eat go ahead and click On one everybody out watch both do you Know any other tricks to boost your Collagen let us know in the comments

How to Make Health Videos

Health Videos|Health Videos

How to Make Health Videos

If you are in search of information on health videos, there are a few things to consider. These include the length of the video, the type of visual style, and whether the voiceovers are important or not.


Whether you are preparing videos for an international market or just trying to reach a new demographic, localization is an important part of the process. It involves cultural adaptation, language translation and technical re-implementation.

In the life science industry, videos need to be translated to ensure that the media content is culturally appropriate. For example, a video promoting a drug or medicine might be used by a public health department to educate patients.

Depending on the audience and the target market, the tone of the voice in the video may need to be changed. It can also involve text replacement.

To increase the reach of a video, companies can rely on multilingual subtitles, which allow non-native speakers to consume it easily. They also improve accessibility for users with hearing disabilities.

Simple visual style

The simple fact is, visuals are a proven and effective means of communicating health information. This is not a new phenomenon, and the advent of new and improved technology has not only changed the game but has also provided a window for those seeking to break out of the mould. Using a variety of visual mediums can go a long way in providing a platform for a plethora of health information that can be digested on the fly.

A well crafted video is no doubt an entertaining and enlightening experience. Using a combination of visual and audio content to promote health education and awareness is a win-win for the entire family. Getting it right on the first time is not so hard, as long as you’re using a quality tool to help you along the way.

Reliance on voiceover and narrative

If you’re wondering how to make health videos, then you’ll want to consider relying on a variety of visual media including voiceover and narrative. Stories and narratives have long been recognized as effective means of knowledge transfer. However, recent advances in mobile technology offer new opportunities to facilitate the dissemination of accessible health education.

Whether you’re creating a video series for the local community or a global audience, these methods are important for the longevity of your message. It’s also important to think about how to optimize the videos for mobile delivery.

Investing in a high-quality voiceover can significantly enhance the production value of your content. For example, a medical professional’s voice over can weave patient testimonials with health care practitioner experiences to create an informative and impactful message.

Limiting the length to 5 minutes

There is a plethora of video sharing services and social networks out there but not all are created equal. One of my favorites, TikTok, is actually a well-rounded social network with a high level of interactivity and a hefty dose of creativity. Its biggest claim to fame is its ability to produce and publish a plethora of quality short form and long form video content. As of the writing of this article, the eponymous has about a million users and a few hundred thousand subscribers and content creators. The platform is akin to an art gallery in the sky with a curated collection of works in progress.

Study on COVID-19 vaccination on YouTube

Despite the increasing prevalence of social media for medical information, there has been little study on the quality of COVID-19 vaccination-related content on YouTube. This study aims to address this issue and provide new insights into how vaccine-related content has been created, distributed, and interpreted on YouTube.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a global pandemic in 2020. Vaccination is considered a key intervention in achieving herd immunity. However, the safety of the vaccine is still unknown. Many people hesitate to get vaccinated. In addition, misinformation about the vaccine is a major concern.

In this study, researchers analyzed a sample of COVID-19 vaccine-related videos on YouTube. They found that videos produced by health-related organizations had a higher reliability rating than those by individuals.


It is imperative to assess the validity of health-related YouTube videos. However, YouTube has a wide variety of content, which is not a reliable source of information. These videos may promote unhealthy behaviors. As a result, doctors should caution patients against relying too much on the videos.

In order to evaluate the validity of health-related YouTube videos, a research team conducted a systematic review. This review consisted of 22 300 videos. The study assessed a number of common quality measures. They included the Global Quality Scale (GQS) and the DISCERN instrument.

The GQS score indicated the quality of the video. According to this, the best quality videos were those uploaded by medical professionals, with a score of 2.46. Those uploaded by lay people had a lower score.

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