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4 Famous American Stars Died Last Week March 2023 / Famous Deaths 2023 / Actors Died Today

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In this video, we pay tribute to famous celebrities and notable individuals who have passed away in recent days. Famous American Stars Died Last Week March 2023.

Actors Who Died Today “List”

Lance Reddick,
Fuzzy Haskins,
Fito Olivares,
Jeff Thomas,
Pat Schroeder

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1. Lance Reddick, Age: 60 Lance Reddick, famous for his work on HBO's
"The Wire" and the "John Wick" movie franchise Has died on March 17 at age 60. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Lance's
body was discovered at his Studio City home Friday morning around 9 30 AM. His cause of death is currently unclear, but
our law enforcement sources say it appears To be natural. Reddick’s best-known role was playing Baltimore
police lieutenant Cedric Daniels in HBO’s Hit crime drama The Wire. 2. Fuzzy Haskins, Age: 81 Parliament Funkadelic vocalist Clarence ‘Fuzzy’
Haskins has died at the age of 81. Haskins’ former bandmates confirmed the
news that he had passed away on Friday (March 17) on their official social media. No cause of death has been confirmed. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, Haskins was
one of the original members of the Parliaments When the band formed as a doo-wop group in
1960. 3. Fito Olivares, Age: 75 Mexican singer and saxophonist Rodolfo “Fito”
Olivares has died. He was 75 years old. Olivares passed away at his home in Houston
on Friday (March 17), according to his wife, Griselda Olivares. He was diagnosed with cancer in 2022. He was best known for songs that were wedding
and quinceanera mainstays including the hit “Juana La Cubana”. 4. Jeff Thomas, Age: 35 Jeff Thomas, a model, influencer and art consultant,
has died at age 35. Model Jeff Thomas may have died on March 8
while attempting to take a selfie on his balcony, His agent claims in a new interview. His death is being viewed as an apparent suicide,
but the autopsy results for a conclusive cause Of death have yet to be released.

Thomas boasted a strong social media presence
— he had more than 1.2 million followers On Instagram. Jeff, who is survived by his parents. 5. Pat Schroeder, Age: 82 Former congresswoman Pat Schroeder, a megaphone
for the women’s movement, the first woman To serve on the House Armed Services Committee
and a liberal Democrat known for her barbed Wit, notably coining the term “Teflon president”
to lambaste President Ronald Reagan, died On March 13 complications of a stroke at a
hospital in Florida. She was 82.

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