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11 Drinks To AVOID If You’re Over 40 And Want To Look YOUNGER!

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In today’s video, we will tell you drinks that you should avoid if you’re over 40 and want to look younger. From coffee, soda, alcohol, lemonade to white wine and more, watch till the end to learn about all of them.

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1. Lemonade: All citrus wears away your enamel, but lemons may be the worst of the worst. In fact, lemon juice created the most dental damage as compared to orange and grapefruit juice, in a General Dentistry study. Add the sugar in lemonade to the equation, and you have enamel wear from the acid, plus plaque buildup from the sugar, creating stains and decay. Make sure you sip from a straw if you must.

2. Milk: Although milk provides you with calcium — a critical mineral for bone health and muscle function — it also tends to increase inflammation. This can lead to a rise in oxidative stress, one of the causes of premature aging. Dairy is also high in milk sugar, called lactose, which can increase the formation of AGEs, leading to collagen damage.

3. Citrus Fruit Juices: Citrus fruits like lemons, limes, grapefruits and oranges make for a refreshing, healthy snack or tasty drink addition—especially on hot days. But beware: If juices from these refreshing fruits drip onto your skin while you’re preparing or munching on them, they can be harmful for your skin. This is because these juices can act as topical photosensitizers and lead to horrible, skin-aging sunburns, according to a study. Not only could a serious sunburn cause liver spots and wrinkles, this type of burn may also cause a painful, prickling, burning sensation.

4. Sugary Cocktails: Pina Coladas? Margaritas? Mojitos? Yup, they’re all part of the same crew that you don’t want to invite into your life on a regular basis. When you eat simple sugar in excess, the sugar molecules combine with proteins in your body and form compounds that can damage the skin’s collagen.

5. Soda: Soda isn’t kind to your teeth or your skin. It is highly acidic and wears away tooth enamel, making your teeth more susceptible to decay. And a less than shiny smile can make your whole face look haggard. But that’s not all: soda’s high sodium levels can age your skin as well. In addition, soda drinkers may be dehydrated because they’re more likely to reach for the sweet stuff than water, causing puffiness and dull skin. Skip both diet and regular sodas and opt for fruit infused water when you want a flavored drink.

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Is your body showing signs of aging that Don't align with the number of candles You blew out on your last birthday hi Viewers and welcome back to another Bestie video lots of factors play into How fast you age and this can show on Your face while genetics obviously can Have a big role in the aging process Which is beyond your control there are Still plenty of things you can control To look younger these include avoiding Things like smoking sun exposure and an Unhealthy diet But there is one more thing that you Should also watch out for if you want to Look younger we're talking about what You drink in fact taking charge of what You drink can help you stay young on the Inside and the outside and in today's Video we'll tell you drinks that you Should avoid if you're over 40 and you Want to look younger from coffee soda Alcohol lemonade to white wine and more Watch till the end to learn about all of Them Number one lemonade All citrus wears away your enamel but Lemons may be the worst of the worst in Fact lemon juice created the most dental Damage as compared to orange and Grapefruit juice in a general dentistry Study add sugar and lemonade to the Equation and you have enamelware from The acid plus plaque buildup from the

Sugar creating stains and Decay make Sure you sip from a straw if you must What's your favorite drink on a hot day We would love to know in the comments Section below Number two milk Although milk provides you with calcium A crucial mineral for bone health and Muscle function it also tends to Increase inflammation this can lead to a Rise in oxidative stress one of the Causes of premature aging Dairy is also High in milk sugar called lactose which Can increase the formation of Ages Leading to collagen damage Instead try to get your calcium from Other sources such as green leafy Vegetables or milk Alternatives it's Okay to eat a little bit of low sugar Greek yogurt here and there but be sure You read the label and compare products To find the best option lowest in sugar Number three citrus fruit juices Citrus fruits like lemons limes Grapefruits and oranges make a Refreshing healthy snack or a tasty Drink addition especially on hot days But beware if juices from these Refreshing fruits drip onto your skin While you're preparing or munching on Them they can be harmful for your skin This is because these juices can act as Topical photosynthesizers and lead to Horrible skin aging sunburns according

To a study not only could a serious Sunburn cause liver spots and wrinkles This type of burn may also cause a Painful prickling burning sensation Number four sugary cocktails Pina coladas Margaritas Mojitos yup They're all part of the same crew that You don't want to invite into your life On a regular basis when you eat simple Sugar in excess the sugar molecules Combine with proteins in your body to Form compounds that can damage the Skin's collagen this in turn has an Aging effect these sweet drinks can have Over 50 grams of added sugar in a single Cocktail plus the alcohol in the drinks Can dehydrate you making fine lines and Wrinkles more apparent Number five soda Soda isn't kind to your teeth or your Skin it is highly acidic and wears away Tooth enamel making your teeth more Susceptible to Decay and a less than Shiny smile can make your whole face Look Haggard but that's not all so does High sodium levels can age your skin as Well in addition soda drinkers may be Dehydrated because they're more likely To reach for sweet stuff than water Causing puffiness and dull skin skip Both diet and regular sodas and opt for A fruit infused water when you want a Flavored drink Number six energy drinks

Your grab-and-go red ball habit isn't Gonna do your future 40 year old self Any favors if you feel like you need Energy drinks to power through your day Get to bed earlier each night improving Your sleep works wonders to help you Feel and look younger but energy drinks Do just the opposite Energy drinks are very high in sugar and Very acidic which can damage your teeth And leave them more prone to stains this Will age your smile plus they're high Caffeine and sodium content can lead to Dehydration especially if you're Drinking them instead of water Since dehydration is one of the main Factors that contributes to older Looking skin aim to drink the Recommended eight to ten glasses of Water per day and even more if you're Drinking alcohol or working out if Regular water just doesn't do it for you Give detox water a try number seven Alcohol Just one night out drinking can Dehydrate your skin to a point where Wrinkles and Fine Lines become Temporarily more noticeable it's even Worse if you have naturally dry skin if Heavy drinking is a regular thing you Can face some potentially irreversible Skin damage Alcohol also causes blood vessels on Your Skin's surface to dilate for

Intermittent drinkers this causes Temporary skin flushing however over Time the capillaries can dilate so much That they actually burst causing visible Red and purple veins especially across Your face and cheeks this can make you Look older in the long run Once the changes of broken blood vessels Have developed those will not reverse on Their own treatments such as laser Therapy and some topical products can Help to improve the appearance Try drinking at least one glass of water Before you take your first sip of wine And alternating alcoholic beverages with Non-alcoholic ones including seltzer Water orange juice spritzers or even Still water Drinking water between alcoholic Beverages will combat ethanol induced Dehydration which will help your skin Look better the next day Number eight white wine White wine falls into its own category Because of its surprising Dental damage While a glass of red will give you an Instant wine mouth the acid in white Wine damages your enamel and makes your Teeth more prone to longer lasting Stains this makes you look older than Your actual age so if you always end Your day with a glass of white wine your Teeth may be more vulnerable to those Coffee stains the next morning

Here's what not to do you should not Brush your teeth immediately after Drinking white wine brushing already Acidic teeth can further the erosion on Your enamel you need to give your teeth Time to remineralize after being bathed In an alcoholic beverage wait for at Least an hour after drinking before Lifting a toothbrush Number nine anything caffeinated Caffeine is like any other diuretic it Can make you excrete fluid and deplete Your body of moisture and yes that Includes your skin anything dehydrating Can dehydrate your skin making it look Dull and aged it's simple to combat the Consequences of one too many cups of Coffee moisturizer hands down is the Easiest way to look younger instantly Try one that has hyaluronic acid a super Moisturizing ingredient that holds a Thousand times its weight in water Too much caffeine can also disrupt your Sleep and sleep is a game changer when It comes to your youthful glow if Possible cut down on caffeinated colas And limit yourself to one or two cups of Coffee in the morning to avoid Disrupting your precious sleep trying to Quit caffeine it might not be as easy as You think watch this video titled what Caffeine withdrawal does to your body to Find out why now back to drinks to avoid For younger looking skin

Number 10 sparkling water Research has linked this popular drink To weight gain according to findings of This research fizzy drinks can increase Your level of ghrelin The Hunger hormone Which ultimately results in cravings and Snacking while binging on sugary carb Heavy Foods certainly isn't great for Aging skin these types of drinks also Contain a variety of sweeteners on the Whole artificial sweeteners are often Used in low sugar products as a way of Providing sweetness but without the Drawbacks the problem is that sweeteners Aren't that good for your health either They can place pressure on the liver and Affect your population of friendly gut Bacteria which in turn can influence the Health of your skin making you look Older The taste of plain Still Water may not Be for everyone that's why there's such A demand for Alternatives in the first Place instead of relying on drinks like Sparkling water though it might be best If you look at ways to make your water More appealing you can try fruit infuser Bottles this bottle allows you to infuse Your water with fresh fruit providing a Sweet flavor but without any of the Harmful additives or sweeteners number 11 iced coffee Drinking a caffeinated beverage out of a Straw how most of us down our daily iced

Coffee is a skin aging double whammy During the day you're exposed to skin Stressors like UV rays but while you Sleep your cells repair themselves too Much caffeine can interfere with Sleek Quality cutting into this Rejuvenation Time and prematurely aging the skin What's more in an article researchers Explain how repetitive facial movements Like sipping through a straw can cause Fine lines and wrinkles instead of Sucking down an iced coffee sip on hot Green or black tea which may ward off Wrinkles by fighting inflammation and Improving your Skin's elasticity Was there any drink in today's video That you drink regularly which drink Would be most difficult for you to quit Let us know in the comments section Below Enjoyed this video hit like share and Subscribe to bestie wait what kind of Bestie are we if we don't tell you about Our other awesome videos go ahead choose The left or right video and enjoy [Music]

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